30 12 2010

…is knowing that a box of yarn arrived on your doorstep in the afternoon when you left for vacation that morning.

it contains a skein of lornas laces shepard sock in zombie bbq.

le sigh.  i was hoping to knit with it over my vacation. thankfully the fil is picking up our mail.


plan of attack

22 01 2010

we all have excuses for NOT doing the things that we want to do.  and who wants to be the girl who makes excuses?  i’m done with excuses!!  i just need a plan…feel free to waddle through my chain of consciousness as i reason myself into submission (otherwise, click next in your RSS reader and standby for another more knitting-related submission):

okay.  i’ve become one of those bloggers who says on a (not so) consistent basis, “I must really post more!!”.  let’s be serious people, we all know that really bloggers walk-the-walk, not just talk-the-talk!!  i must not be a real blogger.  i realize that my life will not be documented in a movie and nor will i ever be offered a book deal that chronicles my creative living.  well.  i’m okay with that.  i think…right now my desire to write posts may just be to justify the subscription cost for my domain name and mapping from wordpress.  or maybe i miss the community of knit blogging and need to reintroduce myself. or MAYBE i really do need an outlet for the right side of my brain.  no matter.  this all boils down posting frequency.  what is keeping me from posting?

1.  lack of camerage.

sure, sure…i have the old point and shoot, but it takes terrible picture.  knit blogging (hell, blogging in general) is much more interesting with some eye-candy.  poorly shot photos with bad lighting and ugly staging just makes for some UN-inspiring posts.  i have to find the charger on our ancient camera and set up the studio that my husband gave me.

2.  lack of inspiration.

funding has been cut.  yarn clubs are but fleeting memory.  my knitting group has dissolved with my lys closing.

3.  lack of time.

i know.  wah.  in my defense i did just start a new career…and a lot of my time off work is spent in gym (a result of three things: A. a 15-20 lb gain over last year; B. a SIGNIFICANT drop in my metabolism and; C. i’m attempting a sprint triathalon for 2010).  all of this equals little time for knitting. oh.  and must-see tv.  yet i still manage to knit.  hm.  something is not jiving.

so how do i overcome these things?  how about one step at a time?

  1. find the camera charger
  2. set up the studio
  3. find inspiration with what you have (duh! i need to do a yarn/project photoshoot)
  4. blog in baby steps!

this weekend, i’ll get #1 & #2 done.  i’m putting it in rtm right now (rtm = remember the milk = FAAaaaAA – bu -LoUs!).  i’m hoping that the field of dreams effect will take over, and the blogging will roll out naturally…



28 11 2009


just wanted to see if I could post from my phone. 🙂

“a short post”…..or “soup!!”

28 11 2009

hello strangers, it’s me!

i’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with this blog.  but this is mainly due to the fact that i had been in hell graduate school trying to earn my master of science in nursing…the knitting has been sporadic (which is definitely disheartening)…the yarn shopping even less frequent. but i am hoping to get back on top of things and get my creative juices flowing again.

since i am devoid of anything knitting related (and knitting pictures!)…i’ll post my most recent kitchen victory:  potato soup!  This was a product of the CSA bounty we had this fall.  (CSA = community supported agriculture).   We often struggled to find dishes to prepare with the, at times, weird food combos.  however, this soup just came together.  i made a giagantous batch of the stuff.  the neighbors loved it.  my brother’s MIL said it was better than her “good cook’ husband’s potatoe soup.  even my filipino parents liked the soup – and they are NOT soup people.

potato soup with leeks & mushrooms


      • bacon, 4 or 5 strips
      • 2 medium carrots, diced
      • 1 small onion, diced
      • 2 celery stalks, diced
      • 1 pint button mushrooms, diced
      • 3 leeks, chopped
      • 3 medium potatoes, peeled & cubed
      • 2T butter
      • 1T herbs de provence
      • 1t ground coriander
      • 1/2 & 1/2, 1 pint
      • chicken broth, 1 box
      • salt & pepper to taste


      1. in large stock pot, render fat from bacon.  reserve bacon for garnish, if desired.
      2. add butter, then saute onion, carrots, celery, leeks and mushrooms until tender.
      3. add chicken broth and potatoes.  bring to a boil then turn down to a simmer until potatoes are tender.
      4. temper 1/2 & 1/2, add to soup.
      5. in a blender or food processor, blend soup in small batches to a smooth consistency.
      6. adjust seasonings if needed.  garnish with whatever you choose!  (bacon, croutons, green onions, cheese…sky’s the limit)
      7. enjoy!

i hope you get the chance to try it!  don’t forget to save me some!

25 random things about me, a facebook crosspost.

30 01 2009

a friend tagged me on facebook…so i’m posting here and there!  consider yourself tagged if you want to play along.

1.  i don’t have interests, i have obsessions.  seriously.

2.  my feet are always cold.  i wear wool socks in the summer, too.

3.  one of my first nicknames was motorcycle head.  (i had really long hair my mom used to put into long pigtails).

4.  i am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  and he’s hot.  (bonus!)

5.  i feel guilty when i buy yarn.  so i can only buy in small quantities.  i think this is why i knit mostly small projects like socks and lace.

6.  i’m turning into my mother.  i am both pleased and mortified.

7.  i prefer silence to background noise.  yup.  no tv white noise…and radio only when i sing along or with talk radio.

8.  i am really glad i’m a nurse.

9.  i like to play the lottery once a week because it’s fun damnit!

10.  stupid people annoy me.  rude people infuriate me. people who are both stupid and rude should be shot.

11.  i recycle. i hate feeling trendy about it, though.

12.  i tend to get along with people that most others don’t.

13.  i once ate white castle every day for almost a whole month.  my arteries still hate me. no i don’t know why i did it.

14.  i am a nurse and a hypochondriac but i avoid medicine at all costs.  i think it’s a sub-conscious protest against all the other hypochondriacs and people who think there is a pill to cure everything.

15.  i am currently procrastinating.

16. my favorite color is black. it’s hard for me to wear anything else comfortably.

17.  i am a gadget freak.  my current dream device will replace my phone/pda/ipod/camera/gps/wallet.  this device does not exist yet…and it must be on verizon’s network.  my contract is not up yet.

18.  sometimes i think google has made me dumberer.

19.  i don’t like strangers touching me. can’t stand back massages (from said strangers)

20. i can fall asleep standing up.  i can sleep anywhere.  it is both a blessing and a curse.

21. i forget birthdays and significant holidays on a yearly basis.

22.  i like prunes.  they remind me of spending time with my grandmother.  they taste good and they keep you regular!!

23.  i am completely and utterly paranoid about getting bug bites.  cannot take it.  they think i’m a friggin all you can eat buffet.

24.  i voted against both Bush and McCain.  for the first time in years i feel hopeful for the future of the country.

25. if i were a monster i’d want to be a vampire.  but i promise i’m not in love with edward.

dear ravelry,

21 01 2009

i didn’t know how to say this in person, so i am writing this in a letter.

i think we need to break up.  our relationship is not healthy.  but i hope it softens the blow when i say, and please, forgive the cliche, it’s me – not you.

i thought i loved you.  really, i think it’s more an obsession. how many nights should i have gone to bed but instead spent the evening with you?  you had all the answers.  you made me laugh.  you showed me things that no one else could.  remember how you introduced me to all of those lace projects?  we we’re together time just rushes away…we have so much to talk about…

then i realized that i needed you more than you needed me.

all my issues of codependence aside, i knew that our time together has taken away from another that i care very deeply about.  my blog.  my original muse.  my blog cared about ME, depended on ME…applauded my successes and encouraged my creativity.  with you it’s just empty desire.

and besides all that.  i know there are others you are involved with.  i knew that from the start.  so i can’t blame you.  and of course, we can still be friends…if you want.  i’ll visit.  i promise.


.: tani :.


all silliness aside, i’m going to make an effort to keep off ravelry…you know, remove it from my fav’d links and all….i’m still thoroughly addicted…but as much as ravelry brings the knitting community together, i feel more isolated.  and somehow i attribute the popularity of ravelry to the demise of many of my favorite bloggers.  it is a time suck.  and i’m sure if we charted the rise of raverly against the number of knitting posts, they would be inversely related.

forums were never my bag, either.  the small coversations i used to have over comments seem more warm and relevant to me.  anyway, i’m guilty of blog abandonment, and not all due to ravelry…

hmmm…maybe the best of both worlds would involve rav-blogging…

(sigh)  the reality is that life is busy and most likely we will all be weaving in and out of our relationships with our blogs and ravelry until our craft becomes more of a priority in our lives…and not to sound too sappy – but the center of my life is my husband and family.  knitting is so very important to me (and my sanity!) but they come first.  so i guess we’ll have to settle for transient relationships.

hi there

4 04 2008

i just thought i’d post to let you know that i’m still alive. 🙂

life has been super busy; but knitting has not been forgotten. i’ve made a few, er, five pairs of socks and i’m dreaming of making an einstein coat…but pictures and words will be at a minimum as i try to keep it together.

i do miss blogging…but something’s gotta give, ya know?