goodbye 2006!!

31 12 2006

2006 – my first year knit-blogging.  🙂

i’m so glad to have ‘met’ you.  thanks for popping in and reading.  i hope you have a fantastic new year!!

(i’m off to work in a few hours…boo!)

see you in 2007!!


alpaca allergies and simple socks in cth blues/greens

27 12 2006

i think i’m allergic to alpaca. i said, I THINK I’M ALLERGIC TO ALPACA!!!.

you see, i really wanted to knit a beautiful lace sweater. i found a gorgeous pattern (from vogue holiday /05 issue) in a somewhat simple stitch. i picked out and purchased my yarn…..then i cast on for my swatch. now. i’m really not a lace kind-a gal. it takes too much concentration and i really only have snippets of time to knit (hence, i’m a sock knitter), but i really wanted to make this sweater. i was miserable. the yarn was impossibly small for the giant needles the pattern called for (at least for me). but i trudged on….and knit my swatch. the guage was off but it was pretty…man-o-man. my eyes were watering, my throat was scratchy and i was sniffling up a storm.

i thought it was impossible since i own and wear an alpaca scarf….so i trudged on….and re-knit my swatch on bigger needles (#9’s – ack!!). i could feel the little fibers tickling my nose and throat. i had to stop mid-swatch. entirely disgusted, i pulled the half-finished swatch off the needles and threw the lot of yarn into a zip-lock. maybe it’s the knit picks brand of alpaca that bothers me….but then again, i do remember feeling under the weather when i was knitting the fetching’s out of the alpaca/merino stuff, too! that’s it. i’m selling it off…(ugh!  stash reduction page [right] is now under construction)

after days like that you want your brain to rest. it’s on those days that you pull out your trusty needles and a gorgeous hank of sock yarn and knit. i pulled out the happy blues and greens of cth! i love this yarn. in fact…i just bought some more (sandra singh is having a sale on cth….it’s my first transaction with this company, but i’m impressed so far!). i kitchenered up the toe last night pulled them on and haven’t taken them off since (i went to bed late, give me a break).


simple sock in cth blues/greens
my own pattern
started: december 16, 2006
finished: december 26, 2006
needles: #2 lantern moon ebony dpn’s
notes: 56 stitches cast on, short row toe/heel, 2×2 ribbed cuff

 these were knit on trips to visit family over the holidays.  much of these were finished in the car.  at night.  butter (K) drove everywhere.  and i happily sat in the heated passenger seat.  i was able to steal borrow my step-daughter’s book light.  it’s a perfect task light for knitting…i just turned it over, hooked it into the seatbelt and knitted away!! if you are looking to get one for yourself, make sure the lighting is adjustable so that you can point the light toward your project instead of adjusting yourself to light your work.  🙂

end of year absence…

21 12 2006

it’s been pretty hectic in the cranky household. holiday stuff, driving to visit family, presents, work etc. etc. by some stroke of luck it was my turn to be put on call because of low census in the unit (re: hospital speak for – we have too many nurses and not enough patients. we don’t want to pay you, so go home, and we’ll call you at some godforsaken hour when and if we do need you). in return for the piddly on-call pay, i got to hang with skater boy (k) and got 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. i’m not complaining. 🙂

i thought i should just check in with blogland…although i warn you, no yarn pr0n pictures today. even though some stash enhancement has occurred a la bmfa rockin sock club, my blog has been reduced to a stash blog rather than a knitting blog. and today, i don’t want to be that blogger. mindless knitting is great this time of year…here is this yarn, knit in a basic sock:


basic sock pattern with short row heel/toe
cth supersock in blues/greens
needles: lantern moon ebony dpns #2
notes: cast on 56 stitches, k2p2 ribbed cuff
…i’ve already started the second sock!!

anyway, i do want to wish you and yours a fantastic holiday season and new year!! merry winter solstice!!

camo lace sock….check!…or ‘my thoughts on short row heels’

11 12 2006


i finally got it finished folks!! both of my camo lace socks are finally off the needles. again, forgive the poor photo…this was by the stairwell light!


“the camo lace sock”
ribbed lace pattern from sensational knitted socks
lorna’s laces shepherd sock in camouflage (0708)
57g / 215 yds m ; 75% superwash wool 25% nylon
started: november 22, 2006
finished: december 9, 2006
needles: 2 circulars, #1 addi turbos
changes: used short row heel/toe

i’m quite partial to the short row heel/toe these days. no picking up stitches (well, sort of) and no extra needles to fiddle with. i’ll have to say it is the heel of the moment, for me, at least. the short row heel produces a somewhat shallow cup for one’s heel…and the pattern extends further down the ankle if you are on of those types who doesn’t like the ‘break’ in pattern once the heel flap starts. both +’s for me. on the other hand, you miss the satisfaction of turning the heel, and, you have to get over the matching pointy-ness of the heel/toe. that said, it is the best heel to use while traveling (i tend to use 2 circ’s since stitches are less prone to jumping off my needles). i can’t remember exactly where i learned to use this heel…probably from this knitty article or anyone of these tutorials .

don’t like the short row heel? i’ve read that some don’t like this heel because of ugly little holes like these:


see the holes?
i don’t think they’re that big a deal.

you can avoid these by wrapping VERY tightly. misocrafy suggested that instead of picking up the wrapped stitch, she slips the wrapped stitch over. if the holes on my short row heels become more noticable, i would probably use this method. however, i don’t mind the holes, as they are only occassional. most of the time the yarn blooms in the wash and the holes are not noticable at all! here is a better example:


ahhh, much better!

as promised, i got out the light box and did a mini yarn pr0n shoot. a color corrected picture of the december yarn from the sock club follows…plus, some yarn i couldn’t resist when i went to knit with a friend at the lys.


december yarn from the sock club – color corrected


lorna’s laces shepherd sock – flames
flames!…burning…on the side of my face!
(come on!! you know what movie i’m quoting)

so that’s what a camel smells like!

6 12 2006

…well, at least in yarn form.

it’s the first wednesday of the month! knitting buddies and new yarn!! and i almost didn’t make it there. i had promised to make dinner, but my baby settled on delivered pizza. (love you!) behold, the december edition of “the sock club” yarn:

mulled cranberries
?? g / 250 yards
camel down and lambswool
care: handwash with cool water. lay flat to dry.

the picture really doesn’t do it justice. keep in mind that panera has some really yellow lights. i tried to color correct…but the yellow remains. the color was described as ‘colonial christmas colors’. (right lynne?). think muted yet deep hues of mulberries and pine greens. it has a nose, too. yes, i said a nose. in fact, df (aka “butter”, you know, as in “smooth like”) immediately crinkled his nose as soon as i pulled it out when i got home. it definitely doesn’t smell like yo mamma’s yarn. very earthy, with a hint of bounce fabric softener. i can almost picture the camel if i close my eyes!

this is what it looks like knit up:

lynne’s sock with afterthough heel

the color is a little closer…but not quite right. (sigh). i’ll get my lightbox out and take some better pictures later.

anyway, i had a great time tonight; shoutouts on friday. 🙂

souvenir and shop review

1 12 2006

hello all, i’m on my way out the door so i leave you with two pictures and a snippet.

picture #1:


camo lace sock progress
almost to the toe!! i hope i finish tonight!

picture #2:


skacel merino lace
100% fine merino wool shrink resistant
100 g / 1375 yds
color 37 (tan) looks more like a light cocoa


based on this yarn store review, i went to visit a lys in las vegas. (i actually tried to visit wooly wonders, too, but i couldn’t find it and we were pressed for time!!). gail knits is located on sahara/ft apache, about 8 miles from the strip. we were staying off of tropicana and used the ‘back roads’ to avoid driving through the terrible traffic on the strip. from the directions on their website, it was easy to find.

rant: all you yarn store owners, if you haven’t figured it out yet, there are a ton of knitters online!!!! please at least have a web presence that tells us about your store. we want to visit you!! we want to support local businesses!! don’t make it difficult to find you!!!! oh, and by the way, i’m fiercely devoted to word of mouth referrals and complaints…so maybe some good customer service?!?

there were a group of ladies sitting and knitting. they all looked up and smiled when i walked in. and gail herself asked me i needed help. ( i recognized her from the website). there was a ton of novelty and glitzy type yarn. i also saw cascade, rowan and a small selection of lace. they had only one shelf of sock yarn – all opal, but the colors were not my favorites. as a sock knitter, this wasn’t my shop, but the people were so warm and friendly, i just had to buy something (that, and this was my -one- souvenir). so i bought the lace. now i need to figure out what to make with it. anyway, if you are not a sock knitter or if you are looking for a warm and welcoming bunch of knitters, i say go visit gail knits!! we were also directed to a nice restaurant called bleu gourmet. (thank you!) if you haven’t tried the nutella and banana crepes, go now!!!