25 random things about me, a facebook crosspost.

30 01 2009

a friend tagged me on facebook…so i’m posting here and there!  consider yourself tagged if you want to play along.

1.  i don’t have interests, i have obsessions.  seriously.

2.  my feet are always cold.  i wear wool socks in the summer, too.

3.  one of my first nicknames was motorcycle head.  (i had really long hair my mom used to put into long pigtails).

4.  i am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  and he’s hot.  (bonus!)

5.  i feel guilty when i buy yarn.  so i can only buy in small quantities.  i think this is why i knit mostly small projects like socks and lace.

6.  i’m turning into my mother.  i am both pleased and mortified.

7.  i prefer silence to background noise.  yup.  no tv white noise…and radio only when i sing along or with talk radio.

8.  i am really glad i’m a nurse.

9.  i like to play the lottery once a week because it’s fun damnit!

10.  stupid people annoy me.  rude people infuriate me. people who are both stupid and rude should be shot.

11.  i recycle. i hate feeling trendy about it, though.

12.  i tend to get along with people that most others don’t.

13.  i once ate white castle every day for almost a whole month.  my arteries still hate me. no i don’t know why i did it.

14.  i am a nurse and a hypochondriac but i avoid medicine at all costs.  i think it’s a sub-conscious protest against all the other hypochondriacs and people who think there is a pill to cure everything.

15.  i am currently procrastinating.

16. my favorite color is black. it’s hard for me to wear anything else comfortably.

17.  i am a gadget freak.  my current dream device will replace my phone/pda/ipod/camera/gps/wallet.  this device does not exist yet…and it must be on verizon’s network.  my contract is not up yet.

18.  sometimes i think google has made me dumberer.

19.  i don’t like strangers touching me. can’t stand back massages (from said strangers)

20. i can fall asleep standing up.  i can sleep anywhere.  it is both a blessing and a curse.

21. i forget birthdays and significant holidays on a yearly basis.

22.  i like prunes.  they remind me of spending time with my grandmother.  they taste good and they keep you regular!!

23.  i am completely and utterly paranoid about getting bug bites.  cannot take it.  they think i’m a friggin all you can eat buffet.

24.  i voted against both Bush and McCain.  for the first time in years i feel hopeful for the future of the country.

25. if i were a monster i’d want to be a vampire.  but i promise i’m not in love with edward.




2 responses

1 02 2009
Valerie in San Diego

Heya — feel free to friend me on FB if you’d like! You can find me as Valerie Polichar 🙂

I’m with you on many of these, sadly esp. #6…

2 02 2009

I like #4 😉

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