27 06 2005

wanted to write a note to let you all know that my life it a bit crazy right now. imagine having to work full time, as a new nurse i might add, going to school…mix in some clinicals (for nurse practitioner/masters degree)…and sprinkle with 900+ pages of reading and assignments weekly.

this of course doens’t include the homework for ‘classes’ at work, the reading associated with the new work environment and then even more reading for my new clinical site policies.

now add car maintenance issues and general home cleanliness. (may i add, i don’t know how i could get through this w/o my dear fiance…)

must get to work!


picture this

16 06 2005

(please note that a long and thoughtful post was composed, including meaningful insights into being a nurse today…but fucking blogger lost it. a synopsis follows)

so my first day was good. a bit overwhelming. my patient is probably brain dead. ventilators suck. nurse-patient/family interaction is difficult.

that’s all the energy that i have left.

somedays i just hate technology.