another post! or …a 2008 fo

7 01 2009

last year i fell in love.  with lace.

it was like another addiction hit me.  socks no longer had their appeal.  i just wanted to knit lace.  and so i bought lace books and i stalked lace blogs and i loaded up the stash with lace and i dreamed lace and i knit lace and so on and so forth.

the most appealing patterns to me are those that are simple and geometric.  the maltese shawl definitely fit the bill there.  i also thought i would hate triangular shawls.  i was wrong.  (love them!)  my first triangle was actually adamas, by miriam l felton.

i wish i had more time last year to knit.  i didn’t get too many projects in.  but i did manage to knit up adamas.  and adamas was such a joy to knit i had to do an encore immediately.

the mil recieved this as a present.  and as of 25 december 2008,  she reports that she has yet to use it.  meanwhile, my own adamas (no picture yet)…has been in regular rotation with my winter wear.  (sigh).  oh well.  i did happen to snap some pics before i gave it to her in august.



adamas closeup



yo mama…in law… adamas
pattern: adamas by miriam l. fenton (my ravelry link)
knitpicks gloss lace in pinot
2 skeins | 440 yds : 50 g | 80 wool : 20 silk
started: june 26, 2008
finished: july 27, 2008
needles: US #4 knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: the color is a little dark in this picture.  it’s more representative of the other shots. i used really only 1.5 skeins.

what fun to knit and really easy to wear. i only wish my mil wore it more (cuz i would!).


the one where i say a quick hello…

31 12 2008

wow!  it’s been a loooooooong time!  is anybody out there? well, i’m not pretending that i’ll be posting regularly…i’m in the throws of my master’s program.  only 6 more months to go!  take heart, though!  i have been knitting…

here is the last draft that i had in my queue:

(written on 30 april 2008)

i told you that I’ve been itching to knit some lace. so far my lace success stories only include fingering weight yarn (mostly socks…but there was the diamond shawl – which i totally love). this is mostly because I horde sock yarn.…er… the majority of my stash is fingering weight.

i do have some laceweight in the stash:

I had originally balled up the skacel for the another shawl….but 12 rows in the project imploded. Since then i’ve been trying t find a project to fit the yarn. No go. The project found another yarn. a few days ago I started the maltese shawl from VLT. LOVE IT. However, I have only 7 repeats knit…out of 88!!!

the pattern itself is not difficult, but it is patterned on both sides so one must pay attention at all times. i suspect that i move on it will become easier to read my work. there are only 6 rows in each repeat, so keep your fingers crossed that i don’t get bored!

so….8 months later, i’ve resurfaced. (ah!)  i’ve come to show you that project!  (in fact, i’ve counted 15 total projects for 2008.  some tiny…some big…and a lot of lace…but not so much with the pictures).


maltese wedding shawl
pattern: maltese shawl from vlt (ravelry link)
jaggerspun zephyr wool-silk 2/18 in charcoal
2 skeins | 630 yds : 2 oz | 50 wool : 50 silk
started: april 29, 2008
finished: june 14, 2008
needles: US #4 knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: a little long for me but i love it!

anyway, this lace project ended up being the shawl i wore for my wedding.  yup!  butter and i eloped!  if jj ever finishes up with the pictures…maybe i can post some.  (cough!!) anyway, please excuse the cheesiness….i was being silly and i was on a post-wedding high!

and as a last note…i miss my blogging buddies, you are often in my thoughts and yes, at times i do stalk you.  i hope the holidays have found you well and…