i was hoping to find something to post today

18 05 2005

this comes courtesy of jen s. don’t bother clicking if you’re a conservative. just a so/so performance of an interesting thought.


checking in

17 05 2005

it’s getting towards the end of the quarter, so my posts are getting fewer and farther-er between. please accept my humble apologies. admittedly, since i’ve been so busy with the mundane details of school and work, nothing new and exciting has occurred. i haven’t even had time for self reflection.

i have, however, been obessessed with my newly planted mulch bed. i even ventured into the land of herb gardening. of the two dozen or so plants purchased and transplanted into the ground, i am happy/sad to report only three casualties. the frost got to them even with my best efforts to cover the poor babies. the next two weeks they are to fend for themselves…i will be studying for finals. i hope they make it. keep your (green) thumbs crossed for them.

i wonder if all new gardeners are so consumed by their gardens….my fiance told me that the other night i almost pushed him off the bed. he woke up and asked me what was wrong….my response? (according to him i screamed,) “THE PLANTS!!!”

note to self, lay off the miracle grow.

grrrr, tiger!

10 05 2005

the title is a bit misleading, but i just had to share a story. FSD (future step-daughter) calls today and is very, very excited. her best friend is apparently going to hunt a tiger in order to make her a fur coat and tooth necklace. the boy would dig a hole and cover it up…then when the tiger was trapped he would kill it. he went so far as to say that his mother would sew the coat and he would drill the holes in the teeth for the jewelry.

says dad, “so, do you know where most tigers live?”

FSD, “yeah, in asia. i read about them in school.”

“and where is your friend going to find your tiger?”


you should have heard the excitement and joy in her voice! is she really that naive that she would think her eight year old friend has the ability to deliver this fur coat and necklace? as a matter of fact, she called, not once, but twice, to tell us about her stroke of luck.

so my next question is – do we let her believe she’ll be getting her fur coat soon…or should we outline the implausibility of the situation?


4 05 2005

there’s a biodiesel station near my house…but have you seen the automobiles available? they’re either ugly or expensive or both.

i’m no tree hugger, but i’m inclined to drive a hybrid or a vehicle that has renewable energy resources.


4 05 2005

you ever wonder why my name is crankygrrrrrl? well, i just decided to use it as a handle one day because i had a string of cranky, cranky, cranky days. it’s long, a bit annoying to type, and a real embarrassment to spell. but. it stuck and i’m keeping it.

i might have to add another ‘r’ to the name. it’s been another one of those days…scratch that, weeks! the straw that broke the camel’s back? registering for classes. when you attend a fine institution like the ohio state university, you would expect that schedules are made and kept. OHHH NOOOOOO. not ohio state, not at the college of nursing. months (and that’s no exaggeration)…MONTHS have gone by with class schedules neatly displayed through the registrar’s website. now, mind you, this is graduate school. people work. people (generally) have lives outside of academia…you know like a house or family or significant other. we need to plan. fair enough. so we do.

but how is it that a group of students complain, then get class schedules changed? tell me. if you were the college secretary (not the secretary, admin assistant), would you not inherently see that a schedule change, litterally DAYS before registration begins, can wreak havoc on people’s schedules? worse yet, make the change and NOT notify the students?

fine. change. go ahead and do that. but damn. at least tell us!!

now here’s the clincher: all the hullabaloo was about two evening classes, 602 & 603. these were scheduled in the evening from 430-730, both once during the week. 603 was on tuesday evening (perfect for my schedule!)….but instead of just moving 602 to the afternoon slot tuesday from 130-430, the idiots changed the time for BOTH classes, moving 603 to the afternoon time-slot and 602 to the tuesday evening time-slot. sure screw two classes over.


pelvic exam

3 05 2005

bet that got your attention!

(to all women out there) how willing would you be to allow nurse practitioner students learn on you? tell you what. as a woman, the yearly exam is NOT something that I look forward to. bravo to the models that came in and ‘braved’ the exam.

now my next question is, why don’t we get male models for the prostate exam? how sexist.

looks like you’ve got a case of the mondays…

2 05 2005

i think the entire eastern seaboard has some sort of cosmic anti-karma going on. it can’t be coincidence that everyone i know has a gloomy story to tell. perhaps i’ll stop reading the news and catching up with friends for a few days.

right. that’s healthy. go crawl under a rock until this all blows over.