i admit, it has been waaaaay too long since i’ve posted…

31 05 2007

but fear not, knitting has commenced since my last post.

to prove it:


pinwheel dish cloth by abigail (through criminy jickets)
sugar’n’cream dishcloth cotton in country side ombre
started: may 30, 2007
finished: may 31, 2007
needles: #5 susan bate’s circ’s
notes: uses provisional cast-on, short rows and garter stitch grafting

it was a great quick fix for my, recently, boring-slash-frustrating knitting. it seems that life is moving in fast forward for me lately. little time to do much else other than eat, sleep and work. thankfully, butter is fabulous and has assumed laundry duties, among much other housework. (love you!) the time that i do have i have been trying to knit. but it seems that i have knitting ADD. i finally finished my lime uptown boot socks….but haven’t the energy for a photo shoot (manny is sooo very lonely)….and i have one-half of my ‘sick’ socks completed (a pair i designed when i was sick recently). i dubbed them ‘dimple socks’…pictures in a future post, hopefully.

i did draw some inspiration from the bee-yooo-tee-ful book victorian lace today and started a lace scarf:


scarf with the clarence border from weldon’s 1886
cth supersock in turqouise
started: may 29, 2007
needles: US #6 knit picks options circular needles
notes: cable cast-on, only did 1.5 repeats for a more narrow scarf, center panel pattern does not match picture!

i’m liking lace but i’m getting a headache from reading the tiny charts. since my scanner is broken, i’m going to have to live with it until i make a larger copy of any patterns i use from the book. sigh. i do have some socks on the needles, too!!


central air pattern from str sock club ’06
colinette jitterbug in popsicle
started: may, 2007
needles: 2 – US #1 addi circulars
notes: 2 at once on 2 circs. this colorway is hideous with the pattern. i already frogged the first pattern i attempted.

yes, i realize the colors are garish. but they are happy colors. at least, until it was knitted up.

oooo, last thing, fish blanket update: 46 little fisheys. must…rally….must complete…..soon……

anyway, carol, i did get the tag…thanks for remembering me…i’ll get the answers together soon (said the procrastinator).