more socks for the hubster

21 01 2011
amazing how quickly one finishes projects if they put their mind to it, no?  too many times i’ve found that i flounder when it comes to producing fo’s.  i just don’t have the staying power when it comes to finishing projects – and let’s attribute that to lack of time because i still drool over all knitting and fiber related things.

i’ve been working on these socks for quite a while.  they were started on a weekend that we visited a friend’s chalet on her property in southern ohio.  i was really creative with the name…are you ready for this?….

chalet socks for aaron
pattern: my own (my ravelry link)
yarn: geez…can’t remember and i can’t find the ballband!!
started: november 2010
needles: US 2.25 knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: measure twice, knit once.  toe up, co 12, incr to 60, my own
cable pattern,short row heel, 1x1rib cuff with tubular bind-off

cryptic note?  measure twice, knit once. had i been a good blogger i would have chronicled my follies.  long story short, i knit the foot too long.  it was *a pain* picking up stitches and snipping off the toe…i tried to save the yarn at first, but gave up shortly thereafter since it didn’t frog smoothly (think of the agony of pulling the length of theyarn through each loop rather than easy peasy frogging).

lesson? pay attention!! and measure twice before you move on to the next part of the sock, else you create more work for yourself.  by the way…the picture?  courtesy of my phone camera.  amazing what good light will do for a photo!