bertie bott’s every flavor beans

12 07 2007

i bet every harry potter fan has wanted to try bertie bott’s every flavor beans (by jelly belly). these are just one of the delightful candies that harry discovers when he enters the wizarding world. and they do mean every flavor.

along with buttered popcorn, tutti-frutti and cherry, there are flavors like vomit, dirt, booger and earthworm. ugh. (okay, technically the jelly belly sight doesn’t list these, only mugglenet…but maybe they are the mystery flavors? or the sight isn’t updated?).


have you tried them yet?

a word of warning though….


avoid this color. it tastes like dirt. no, really. just like potting soil.

we had a ton of fun at the movie premiere. we spotted many muggles dressed as hogwart’s students, waving their wands or showing off their house colors (i’m a griffyndor, what are you?). while we waited for the movie to start we tortured ourselves by eating these things…and then stuffed our faces with candy, popcorn and soda. the movie was awesome!!! true, it swayed from the book a bit, but do you actually expect for all of the details to shine through? i suspect that non-fans might get a bit bored since the character and plot development were a little thin…still though, very entertaining!!!

in knitting related news…along with some bare laceweight merino, pockets for my needle case, and 32″ – 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm & 3.25 mm circs…i recieved this:

kp gloss in cocoa – 880 yards

it’s very lovely. i think i will make it into a small shawl, i think. or if i give into my “only superwash rule”…i may cave and do some cabled socks. but maybe i’ll knit something outof my charmed knits first…




6 responses

12 07 2007

mmm – dirt… 🙂 I bet there are some kids who would love those!

love that Gloss color – deep, dark cocoa – one of my true favorites.

12 07 2007

I’m a Ravenclaw! That gloss is gorgeous!

12 07 2007

squee! I’m seeing the movie on Saturday and I can’t wait. Once I see the movie I’ll be bouncing off the walls waiting for the book. Although, I’m already bouncing off the walls waiting for the book.

13 07 2007

i’m glad to hear you had a good time at the movie! i’ll probably wait a week or so before i go. thanks for the bertie bott warning too! also, that gloss is gorgeous. i say go for a shawl! 🙂

14 07 2007

Pear or Juicy Pear (forgot the name) is my favorite jellybean… not sure if that’s Bertie Bott’s or not, but it is JellyBelly! Love that cocoa yarn… it looks YUMMY! 🙂

15 07 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Wow, how do they DO that (make dirt-flavored beans). Hm, though ginseng tastes quite a bit like dirt (I often refer to ginseng chewing gum — which I do like — as “dirt gum”).

The cocoa yarn looks fab…

Everytime I take the sorting hat quiz I get Hufflepuff, so I guess I’m Hufflepuff. I always like to think I’m a little crazier than that, but guess not!

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