more sock mojo…a photo vignette

21 02 2009

i love it when you find the right combination!  this was attempt #2 with the variegated yarn on the right.  i have been dying to knit with the sundara yarn, too.  my records say i bought it from ebay, but i don’t remember buying it.  anyway…a photo story:

090202_parrot yarn

lovely yarn.

090202_parrot spot socks

lovely pattern.

090202_parrot yarn leg

lovely start.

grey spot socks
pattern: spot check socks by beth parrot (my ravelry link)
in knitting socks with handpainted yarn
sundara sock yarn ochre over lime & cth supersock in african grey
started: january 28, 2008
needles: US 2.5 and 2.75 mm knitpicks harmony dpns
notes: started with the smaller needles…my guage gets smaller with two colors.


more progress.

16 02 2009

sometime last year i did a roundup of my unfinished sock projects. (yes, i realize that my last post introduced YET ANOTHER sock).

i counted seven at the time. of the seven (plus another i started later in the year) i finished one. ripped out and remade another. gave up on three not-so-exciting socks. two others are still waiting wips.

i have officially given up the claim that i only work on one project at a time. (including my other non-sock knitting…the grand total of wips is (drum rolllll)……14!  (high hat!)  crazy.  even crazier?  i couldn’t find anything to knit last night.  i ended up spreading out my stash over the living room floor, hoping to find inspiration.  instead, i found a lot of sock yarn.  much more than i thought i had.  so much for keeping an up to date inventory (is it okay that i blame lack of time and lack of decent camera?)

anyway, this morning for my “study break” knitting, i picked up a long forgotten project i started made of this:


cidermoon ‘flurry’ in jackie o
100% superwash merino | 440 yds: 110 g
note: purchased at kc ‘06

cidermoon is a now defunct business.  what a shame!  their colorways were fun and i really liked the base yarns they chose.  during their heydey i was attempting to be more conservative in my buying habits.  thus, i only have two colorways in their fingering weight yarn.  (sigh).  i should have snatched up a couple other ones.

for those interested, one of the owners opened up shop as tuscan grove fibers.  i’m not sure if it sells online, but i do know she sells through a lys, knitter’s mercantile.

anyway, i had the cuff and the ribbing to go….then i needed to fix the non-stretchy bind-off for the first sock.  it was my first and only attempt at a tubular bo for 2×2 ribbing.  i failed miserably.  i debated if i should i try again or just use a sewn bo a la elizabeth zimmerman.  given my enthusiasm might have waned quickly, i was going to just go for the EZ (pun intended!) way. ha!  i kill me sometimes.  how corny can you get? instead, i just did a loose standard bo cuz i was too lazy to find a yarn needle.

090202_jackie o socks

jackie o! lace socks
pattern: cross hatch lace from more sks (my rav link)
cidermoon flurry in jackie o
1 skein | 440 yds : 50 g | 100 merino wool
started: july 2007
finished: jan 27, 2009
needles: US #1 2.25mm knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: fig 8 cast on 12, increased to 60, loose traditional bo…and yes, i know, almost two years in the making!!

hooray! i already have 2 fo’s for 2009!! this is probably due more to procrastinating from studying than a propensity for being uber-productive. oh well. i’ll take it.

now…what’s next?

look! new wip!

12 02 2009

beep! beep!!

hey you! don’t look!!

(ha! made you look!) drive by posting….

090123 simple stripes

simple socks
pattern: my own (my ravelry link)
knitpicks simple stripes in vineyard
2 skeins | 231 yds : 50 g | 75 wool : 25 nylon
started: January 10, 2009
needles: US #1 2.25 mm knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: figure 8, toe up cast on 10, increased to 64.  basic 2×2 rib.

this is a discontinued yarn.  i loved the old knitpicks sock yarn.   very durable and not squeaky like the new essential.  the new essential is just okay.  and i would knit with it if i *loved* the colorway, which i do in the kettle dyes.

i happen to love knitpicks.  yarn snobs be damned!!  the lace yarns (gloss and shadow) are fantastic and while in the past the color choices were not to my taste, they are now becoming more sophisticated.  add to that the pointy and inexpensive options needles….and an obsession is born.

wooly nylon

7 02 2009

hooray for the ability to schedule posts!!  this allows for more regular content and takes the pressure off.  it actually feels nice to be consistent with this thing.

ANYWAY…have you ever had a sock that wore thin in places?  i have.  and was i upset!  i barely even used the socks.  (sniff).  i think the problem was a combination of too loose a guage and super soft merino yarn.  the stuff is like crack but doesn’t wear like it’s nylon-blended counterparts.  (yes, i could knit in a tighter guage…and i do now!).  but there is also another solution.  wooly nylon.

wooly nylon is a a type of serger thread, i think.  you can buy it in craft stores like joann fabrics and the like.  it is relative inexpensive and comes in a multitude of colors.  i did a quick search on ravelry to see what people had to say about the stuff and i found that many sock knitters use it for their 100% merino sock yarn (the short staple and softness lend to its propensity to wear through more quickly).  it is a very thin and airy thread that you use as a carry along (or weave in) for added strength and durability. i heard that people knit it just into the soles with long floats – then cut out the floats and NOT weave in ends cuz they fuzz and stay in place!  i even read somewhere that people ply it into their handspun yarn for some elasticity!

090202_wooley nylon

wooley nylon still life
the purse was the most convenient back drop at the time.

now i chose this color for no particular reason.  i think i was going for neutral = will go with more yarns.  however, in the two applications that i have tried this particular color, i have been unhappy.  the first was with the knotty or knice socks.  i chose to attempt to weave it into the finished toe of one of the socks.  i found i hated this technique…too fiddly and i did not have the patience to reinforce every stitch.  plus, although it was hidden, i found it to be very ugly looking.

this time i chose to carry it along with my heel stitches.

090202_marled heel

it looks marled and messy!
see the little fuzz bug?

i’m not happy with the result…but i’m not UNhappy, either.  i just didn’t want a marled look.  hmm. if i get around to it and i like the end result, maybe i’ll buy more colors.  well, my ultimate goal was to extend the life of my socks (i LOVE the yarn and feel of the finished product, you see).  so we’ll see how that works out.  more details to come on this sock…

what have your exeriences been with wooly nylon?

adding to my fo pile…

1 02 2009

i’m still lacking in the camera department.  (my old camera is a bit cumbersome since the manual focus requires at least 100 button pushes and some magic pixie dust to work).  to make matters worse, it uses compact flash for media and my new laptop does not have a built in reader AND i can’t find my card reader.  my mom’s point and shoot that we *cough* aquired this past weekend uses xd for media leading to the same above problem….so, i’m using our old point and shoot.  it works…but one wishes for something a little more flexible, ya know?  plus, the color it captures leaves much to be desired.  not a problem most of the time; alas, there is no photoshop installed on the laptop either.  soon, the technical difficulties will be fixed.  but in the meantime my photo essays will be a bit bland and uneven.

ANYWAY.  meet my new socks.  (hi socks!)…they have made a new friend today  😉

090123 knaughty or knice socks

“baaaaa!” “{insert sock greeting here}”

090123 knice socks

they made friends very quickly (but we know how nice wool socks can be, don’t we?

090123 knaughty socks

knaughty or knice socks
pattern: knotty or knice socks by chrissy gardner (my ravelry link)
from interweave knits, autumn ’08  in shibuiknits sock
2 skeins | 191 yds : 50 g | 100 merino superwash
started: december 9, 2008
finished: january 23, 2009
needles: US #1 2.25 mm knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: the bind off is just meh…if i would do again i would do a tubular bind off.

in the end, the cables got a little fussy.  and i think i would go down another needle size if i were to use the same yarn.  i want the socks to wear well, but the soft yarn feels like it may just wear through rather quickly.  i may weave in some nylon if i get the energy.  all in all good looking socks….i like them.  🙂