seriously. do you even wonder…

12 05 2008

…why i don’t blog as much?

i thought i would steal a few moments and knit a few rows on my lace ribbon scarf. now before you scroll down and take a peek at the picture below, consider two things.

  1. this is my camera phone. (note to self, don’t take knitting pictures with the phone)
  2. i have just worked 3 night shifts in a row. prior to the last shift, i had three hours of sleep thanks to mother nature and the tornado sirens.

ok, take a deep breath and marvel at the stupidity:

wtf?!?! lace ribbon scarf
pattern: the lace ribbon scarf by veronik avery
knit picks gloss in cocoa
started: april 13, 2008

what you are viewing folks, is what looks like a bite out of my knitting. somehow i managed to stop knitting IN THE MIDDLE OF MY ROW and started to knit back. for at least and inch before i noticed.

please, just walk away and pretend you didn’t see this.