First 2010 WIP and Post!

27 05 2010

<eta…I found this post marinating in my drafts and decided to post it.  yes, i realize that this was a *january* post…but, i decided to just let it out there.>


I’m here!  I actually managed a post! (And my photostudio is still not fully functional…so I’ll be limiting the pictures initially).

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my current projects have been socks.  (Duh.)  I’ve found that I’ve settled into my favorite sock recipe…toe-up, JMCO, with wooly nylon, short row heel, JSSBO.  When I see a pattern I love, I cringe because inevitably it is missing a piece of my “goto” pattern. (Wow, that sounds pathetic, do I need out of this rut?)

<insert photo here…that is, if i ever get around to it.

the yarn is very cute, folks.  use your imagination until i move my lazy a$$>

Soxie Socks

Pattern: my own

The Great Adirondack Yarn Company Inc. Soxie in Bahama Mama

1 skein  | 360 yds : 100 g | 100 merino superwash wool

Started: January 2010

Needles: US #0 knitpicks nickel plated circulars

Notes: JMCO 12 st, inc to 30 st (60 total, cat bordhi method), navy wooly nylon knit into toe and heel, JSSBO

This is a lovely simple pattern for the yarn – a find from my most early days of knitting.  (In fact, this is the FIRST sock yarn purchase I made in person outside of my lys.  I was visiting my BFF and she took me here to support my newly found obsession.  Get this.  They only had 2 kinds of sock yarn.  Soxie and some yucky old & pilly louet gem fingering. This was of course on the cusp of the sock knitting craze).

Soxie is a beautiful 100% merino superwash.  It’s somewhat thinnish with a good twist. .  I like the yarn but doubt that I will purchase again, I don’t imagine it will hold up well because it is so soft!  In the Ravelry comments, many have mentioned bleeding – I haven’t experienced this in the least.  Nothing on my needles or fingers!  However…the first soak and wash (and wear) will tell the true tale.

I’m almost to the heel of the second sock…knit knit knit.  I will post FO pictures when I’m done!

<oh!  by the way, i’m done and the socks did NOT bleed.  i have other FO’s but i’m not sure they’ll get posted…all in due time, i guess>