wip: winter cowl

19 11 2014

progress on lace is much slower than with bulky. by my calculations, i would have had at least two GAPtastics finished.

IMG_1775.JPG the color is more accurate on this shot.

IMG_1776.JPGabout 5 repeats completed!

i will say my fingers like the smaller yarn and needles. my eyes…not so much.



5 11 2014

there is progress on the owlies!

pardon the fuzzy picture!

it so happened that I had some 6/0 beads in my craft stash (likely for another unnamed lace shawl). in lieu of beaded lace, i used the little purple glass beads as owl eyes. adorbs.

the technique is slightly fiddly; thankfully i chose to only bead the owls on the leg to avoid potential ouchies on the instep and heel. oh…what technique? i used dental floss! perhaps if I have time i will take pictures. using a tiny crochet hook may be slightly less fiddly…but i couldn’t locate my hooks 😦

anyway, looking forward to finishing up the first sock!

wip: autumn owlies

2 11 2014

you know…i have something else on the needles!

this moody picture brought to you on all hallow’s eve…

autumn owlies (ravelry project link)
owlie socks by julie elswick suchomel
yarn: knitpicks stroll tonal in foliage
462 yards : 100 g | 75% merino : 25% nylon
needles: size 1 knitpicks circular needles
started: october 31, 2014
notes: long tail co, did not switch needle sizes

i will be attempting the addition of beads to this project.  keep your fingers cross.  it is actually the 31st tonight…i hope that the rain keeps the beggar’s away so i can keep knitting these socks.  yes, i am the scrooge of halloween.  boo to you! bah humbug!

well hello there!

22 10 2014

look! knitting!


2×2 ribbed socks
pattern: my own
knitpicks yarn
started: unknown
needles: US #1 2.25 mm knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: jmco 12, increased to 64.  basic 2×2 rib.

i love the idea of blogging again. i was finishing up the first sock of this pair and couldn’t remember how to do an invisible bo…so i looked up my tutorial! couldn’t help myself and practically read the entire blog. (sigh).

also my friend becky, aka “momma”, started a blog of her own: endurance epicurean.

see you again soon?

new wip – socks for my dh

3 01 2011


first 2011 wip – hp socks for dh
looks like more frequent blogging will commence at the expense of picture quality
…look for more “lap pictures”…i’ll try for better photo shoots later 🙂

my husband’s love for knitted socks has evolved over time.  at first he wasn’t too keen on the wild colors and wooly feel. but i slowly added hand knitted socks into his drawer (and he truly appreciated the time i put into my quest to keep HIS feet warm).

anyway, knitting production dropped drastically in 2009-10 and as a result, the wool socks in his rotation were starting to wear out.  i pulled a pair with a large hole at the toe and put them in my darning pile…imagine my surprise when he pulled his foot out of his shoe – wearing the offending sock!  when asked why he was wearing them, he sheepishly replied, “my feet were cold and i HAD to wear my knitted socks!”

suffice it to say, i’m amping up knitting production on his socks.  these are knitted in a special edition harry potter colorway in hedgewig of opal.  i’m leaning toward nylon blend yarn these days since the all merino sock yarns tend to wear rather quickly.  (don’t you think so too? in fact, i’m knitting in wooly nylon into toes and heels of that yarn since i’ve had so many sock fails…er…holes…recently).

knitting notes: cuff down, co72 using long tail cast on, k2p2 cuff, start cable pattern (my own)

watermelon clown vomit

21 12 2010


More socks are on the needles…and this time I have a picture! (forgive the lighting…my phone’s camera is a pretty poor excuse for a camera).  I realized that I am in dire need for new socks. Many of my old ones are showing signs of wear with bare spots, little holes, big holes, and felting. Yup, even the superwash socks are felting.

I normally machine wash but hang dry them…but even so…they are probably aging faster than they should. I think this may mean I will be gravitating toward german sock yarn with some sort of nylon in it.  The socks made of this type of yarn in my collection have fared best. Sigh. But I love merino superwash! Too bad I’m too lazy to hand wash!

The socks above were based on a stitch pattern I saw on Ravelry (but for the life of me can’t remember what it was from).  Here are the details:

Yarn:  from KnitPicks.com in Watermelon (aka clown vomit)
Needles: US1 dpns
Pattern: my own
Details: CO 72, k2p2 cuff, ribbed leg with single stitch cross over every 5 to 6 rows, slipped heel stitch, dec to 12 on toe, kitchener closed.
Notes: don’t you just hate the color pooling?

First 2010 WIP and Post!

27 05 2010

<eta…I found this post marinating in my drafts and decided to post it.  yes, i realize that this was a *january* post…but, i decided to just let it out there.>


I’m here!  I actually managed a post! (And my photostudio is still not fully functional…so I’ll be limiting the pictures initially).

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my current projects have been socks.  (Duh.)  I’ve found that I’ve settled into my favorite sock recipe…toe-up, JMCO, with wooly nylon, short row heel, JSSBO.  When I see a pattern I love, I cringe because inevitably it is missing a piece of my “goto” pattern. (Wow, that sounds pathetic, do I need out of this rut?)

<insert photo here…that is, if i ever get around to it.

the yarn is very cute, folks.  use your imagination until i move my lazy a$$>

Soxie Socks

Pattern: my own

The Great Adirondack Yarn Company Inc. Soxie in Bahama Mama

1 skein  | 360 yds : 100 g | 100 merino superwash wool

Started: January 2010

Needles: US #0 knitpicks nickel plated circulars

Notes: JMCO 12 st, inc to 30 st (60 total, cat bordhi method), navy wooly nylon knit into toe and heel, JSSBO

This is a lovely simple pattern for the yarn – a find from my most early days of knitting.  (In fact, this is the FIRST sock yarn purchase I made in person outside of my lys.  I was visiting my BFF and she took me here to support my newly found obsession.  Get this.  They only had 2 kinds of sock yarn.  Soxie and some yucky old & pilly louet gem fingering. This was of course on the cusp of the sock knitting craze).

Soxie is a beautiful 100% merino superwash.  It’s somewhat thinnish with a good twist. .  I like the yarn but doubt that I will purchase again, I don’t imagine it will hold up well because it is so soft!  In the Ravelry comments, many have mentioned bleeding – I haven’t experienced this in the least.  Nothing on my needles or fingers!  However…the first soak and wash (and wear) will tell the true tale.

I’m almost to the heel of the second sock…knit knit knit.  I will post FO pictures when I’m done!

<oh!  by the way, i’m done and the socks did NOT bleed.  i have other FO’s but i’m not sure they’ll get posted…all in due time, i guess>