there is nothing to see here. please disperse.

you recognize the quote, don’t you? i used this as my “description” of myself for the couple of years that i feebly attempted to blog. it’s a copout. i know. but it’s damn funny, especially if you know the context. i’ll send a special prize to the first person who can guess correctly what movie…just make sure you leave me your email address so that I can contact you.

anyway, welcome to my blog. i’m trying my hardest to write consistently. as you can see, i’ve attempted to add to this thing for years. i started out on blogger but moved residence to here because i like the functionality much better. if you troll through my past entries, you’ll see that i am a nurse in an intensive care unit somewhere in ohio. i’m currently on hiatus from graduate school; it was way too much stress on this little brain. {but i only have one year to go!!}…i finally finished grad school and have been lucky to find my dream job. the only issue is that there is less time to knit!

now that i have more free time, i can actually spend time with my devoted fiance and my future step-daughter, and of course, knit more!! so naturally, i will attempt to keep most of my content knitting related. but, as you know, life creeps in…so hopefully the details of my life won’t bore you. 😉

thanks for stopping into my corner of the woods…

.: tani :.


11 responses

27 07 2006

Yippee … <Dave’s guess here, edited by .:tani:. >! One of my faves 🙂

27 07 2006

omg. dave from http://www.criminyjickets.blogspot.com/ already guessed correctly! …funny…i thought it would take much longer for someone to figure it out…to be fair to everyone else i’ve edited his comment, i’ll have a “consolation prize” (dave gets first pick) and this time give it a week for responses. i’ll choose the winner randomly.

27 07 2006

I seem to remember it in one of the Naked Gun flicks, but that means they most likely ripped it off of some other other film!

27 07 2006
Lisa K.

Found you through Socks that Rock KAL – I’m enjoying your site!

I think the quote is from Marvin in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. If it isn’t, it sure sounds like him!

Fairgrounds looks awsome in the pattern you chose, by the way.

25 10 2006
Valerie in San Diego

By the way, tani, I can’t figure out your email address either. You can email me at valerie [at] valeriepolichar [dot] com….

30 01 2007

Hi Tani! I miss you!

25 02 2007

Sweet new look.

14 02 2017
Anne Shelffo

I can’t tell which is the knitting needle and which is the tapestry needle in the photos. And what is the tan yarn attached in the pictures attached to?

11 09 2007

Just wanted to let you know that I bumbled across your site looking for a super stretchy bind off for toe up socks(my first pair). Of all the bind offs I tried, this is the one that works the best. Good tutorial. Thanks.

7 04 2015

Your site was one of the ones shown on my Pinterest page and, seeing the bind-off for socks, I wondered if you have a tutorial for a stretchy K2, P2 neck. I ruined a sweater for my grandson (sweater – perfect! neckline – NOT!) because I had to cut out the neckline and create a new one. Looked like heck but at least my d-i-l could get it over his head! I’ve done this with the first sweater I made for myself which fit perfectly – except I couldn’t get IT over my head, either! As an adult I just cram it on and let it go with that but it’s annoying on a little kid… Any ideas?

7 04 2015

I wish I had a good idea for you! I tend to knit only smaller projects and this BO has worked perfectly for me.

Most people switch to smaller needle sizes with ribbing…would increasing needle size with this same bind off be effective?

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