reading time!

23 07 2007

i often lament how little time i have to read books…i just discovered a service that can nudge me along with my literary goals. the service is called dailylit. it allows busy people to read by dividing public domain books into bite-sized pieces and delivering them to you via rss or email! how cool is that? i have yet to try it out….i’m deciding what i should read, any suggestions?

want to use those spare moments to get a couple of rows in? how about librivox? librivox provides free audiobooks (public domain) for you audiophiles. i’ve listened to a couple of sample chapters of different books. the quality ranges from ok to excellent! but there is little room for complaining since you don’t spend a dime and you don’t sacrifice knitting time.

i found these things while researching phones…butter just got a blackberry 8830 world edition phone. so cute. i want! however, i wonder if i should just stick with palm and go for the treo? any thoughts? i had a treo for 2 seconds. while i loved the familiar interface, it seems sluggish compared to the blackberry. sigh. i’m thinking too much about it, aren’t i?

here’s one of my not yet blogged about projects….(at least, here’s a photo of the yarn i’m using)…


misti cotton in natural | worsted weight 2 ply
1 skein | 83% peruvian pima cotton : 17% silk | 100 g : 191 yds
destined to become a baby bolero (thanks for the idea gena!)
oh, so soft!!!!

 edited to add:  i did get the hp book on saturday…and i devoured every single page.  poor butter, he washed and waxed my car while i sat inside.  (k).  i won’t give any spoilers…but i will say i LOVED the book.  the ending was a bit too neatly tied up for me, but…i still loved it.  🙂




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23 07 2007

I’ll have to look into those services – I get very little time to read also, and that would be very convenient!

23 07 2007

Check your public library. They have free audiobooks too. Many of them let you borrow and download digital audiobooks from home. And you’re in Library Paradise, CrankyGrrrrrl: check out MOLDI, the Ohio eBook Project, or NetLibrary/Recorded Books.

23 07 2007

I love librivox!

Can’t wait to see what you’re making!

24 07 2007

Thanks for hooking me up! I can use audio! Not much time to read these days and I miss it. Just get a phone you know you’ll love! You’ll have to look at and use it every single day, may as well love it!

24 07 2007

I just finished the book last night. Now I feel I can get back to my life – lol. I’m going to have to try to do the audio book thing. I’ve been resisting, although now I’m not sure why.

25 07 2007

I loved the new HP book as well!

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