i give up

17 01 2005

when will i learn that diaries/journals/weblogs just don’t work for me?

it all began years ago when i was enticed by cute “made for me” diaries. you know, the gaudy pink spiral bound notebooks packaged neatly with a feather-tipped purple pen? after a couple of weeks, the entries were reduced to things like “i don’t have anything to write about today” or “i promise to write more later”. eventually one would find the inevitable

“it’s been awhile since i’ve written, {insert summary of past two months here}”.

in my young adult years i had a small obsession with beautiful, expensive pens. naturally, alongside those pens the specialty shops would sell GORGEOUS leather bound journals. my head would spin as i imagined about all the insight and wisdom i would record within. should i buy the mahogany one, with the silk ribbon bookmark? or the top grain black leather w/ gilded pages? would a pebbled leather age better? of course, who could go wrong with suede and a chic magnetic clasp?

even as an uber-geek wanna-be, i can’t manage to visit my blog regularly. (sigh)

… “dear blog, it’s been awhile since i’ve written, {insert summary of past 5 months here}”.