~viva las vegas~

30 11 2006

(cue music: viva las vegas….viva las vegas…viva…viva……..las vegas!!!!!)


viva las vegas!!

holy semolians, batman!! it’s been weeks since i’ve posted a thing on this blog!!! admittedly, there hasn’t been much to post. my knitting has slowed down to a crawl. i have been working night shift (something my circadian rhythms are rebelling against)…and i also just returned from a trip from las vegas!!


how is the heck do you all knit so gosh darn fast? i’m lucky to fit in a half hour of knitting a day! after my nieces’ gifts were finished, i’ve started nothing! nothing i say! and i am burnt up about it.


speaking of my nieces. they were tickled when they received their fingerless glove and scarf sets. ally, the four year-old, wore them for the rest of the trip – even though it was a balmy 65 degrees during the day!! when they left she said “auntie tani, have you seen my gloves?” ….i told her that her mother packed them away but if she couldn’t find them then she should call me, cuz i would make another set for her. wow. the heart just melts when a 4-year old smiles at you.

here are the gloves in action (forgive the overexposure):


she loves the gloves!! (and her pringles)

did i get any knitting done during travel? well, a little. i whipped out the birthday yarn that gena gave me and found a pattern that sort of reminded me of the open meshed fabric walls that one sees on military tents. you can’t see it in the pic, but i’m also wearing a camo tank. (i wanted to match my knitting!!!)


“the camo lace sock”
ribbed lace pattern from sensational knitted socks

lorna’s laces shepherd sock in camouflage (0708)
57g / 215 yds m ; 75% superwash wool 25% nylon
started: november 22, 2006
needles: 2 circulars, #1 addi turbos
changes: used short row heel/toe (because i didn’t have other needles on the airplane!!)

i was hoping big time for major pooling, but the yarn neatly striped. still, i’m rather pleased with it. and despite the probably 8 hours total travel time, i barely have the first sock finished!! i am almost to the toe. 😦 maybe it’s the fact that the pattern is 24 rows…but i certainly couldn’t memorize it. instead of taking the book along, i charted the pattern in an excel spreadsheet which i could read from my palm pilot. like this:


it was quite handy in the plane, where i was cramped for space a bit. how cute is that? and it is so much easier to type into excel on the computer than to input everything on the palm. i have databases of my wips/fo/stash, too!! anyway, las vegas was a blur of family fun, gambling and eating!! but i managed to squeeze in a stop to a lys…i’ll post a picture of my (small) souvenir soon.

it’s nice to be back! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!!


new stash, old stash

9 11 2006

i’ve been a bit of a party pooper these past few days…mostly i’ve been pouting and lurking. the knitting? don’t even talk about the (not) knitting. (btw, thanks for leaving me a note to cheer me up!) anyway, i decided that a hopping over to one of the lys and buying a recent knitting mag would give me a kick in the ass and stop moping around. the selection of mags was great, but, i was distracted by the yarn. like my stash needed more yarn.

i’m still undoubtedly attracted to sock yarn. anytime i enter “new territory” i zero in on sock/fingering weight yarns. i’m like a freakin’ hawk…i start to circle, eyeing first the color, and next the content of the yarn…hmm, that looks yummy…i go away (i could see the yarn trembling….hahahah) next, i survey the rest of the store for newer, fresher meat yarn and of course, sale yarn, considering which would be best for the stash. finally, i retrace my path to see if i missed anything…..then SNATCH!…..before the poor sock yarn knew it, he had fallen victim to my american express card, thrown in a bag and was out the door. maybe i should be mounting my prizes on plaques for display in my basement?!


lornas laces shepherd’s sock in douglas fir
80% superwash wool / 20% nylon

unlike the name suggests, the color leans more towards a muted teal blue rather than a pine-like green (yarndex describes the color as teal, too) . i’m thinking a pair of cabled socks…what do you think?

um, when i went to put douglas fir away, my stash exploded.


cth, str, shepherd sock and other yarns…new skeins


bits-n-pieces of leftover or test-dyed yarn…

when did i accumulate all of this? the sight sent me into a pure frenzy of digital re-organization….my computer hurts now. i weighed and estimated yardage on my leftovers so that i could start planning for small projects. i can’t wait to make me some footies!!

the crankygrrrrrl-ness is taking over

7 11 2006

part of the reason i blog is to meet new people who share my same interests. i love reading everyone’s blog, getting to know peeps with their stories, their projects and, of course, yarn pr0n!! i CAN spend hours at the computer. i try not to.

but like a magnet, you draw me in.

firefly is telling (in installments) the story of how she met her husband. go visit. it’s an amazing story.

and who doesn’t read blogs to live vicariously through the lucky people on the east coast? stacey and other east coasters show off rhinebeck/stitches east stories and pictures!! wow. what a mix of happiness and jealously that i feel for these knitters!

i’ve been working on my blog roll and a post entitled “who do you read?”…but i’m almost too embarassed to show how many blogs i follow.

another reason i blog is that the virtual world is an escape from real life. many people have said that i’m not so cranky, but i am. maybe moody and tired is the better descriptor. i recognize that i have a somewhat unhealthy way of dealing with the stressors of my life. a lot of the time i just shut down. knitting is another way i escape. (maybe that is why i really am not much of a gift knitter. this is MY time, dammit.) i mean, working rotating, 12-hour shifts dealing with death and dying can be a bummer…if not pure hell at times.

i guess i just wanted to sendout a virtual hug to say thank you to everyone in blogland.

…you give me a place to escape to when i need to take a break from life. i’m almost in tears this morning because of a conversation that i had with my step-daughter. i’ll spare you the details, but i will add that i don’t have any of my own biological children (nor plan to in the near future) and that i would love to have the feeling of unconditional love from my own child. bsd and i have a great relationship, but, i will never be “mom” to her (not that i’ve ever tried to replace her mom).

ps – babe, thanks for trying to cheer me up this morning! love you! (K)

sunshine, cotton candy and yarn!!

5 11 2006

the ballot is mailed off, gift knitting started for the neices, the crankiness has subsided, somewhat…and the yarn. oh, the yarn! last week was good for stash enhancement.  unfortunately, it was bad for blogging. but to make up for it, here are my pictures meant to be posted last week:

happy, happy…


fingerless gloves for ally – don’t these make you happy (like sunshine?)
plymouth encore worsted #215, 1882
100 g / 200 yds. ; 75% acrylic and 25% wool
pattern: my own
started: november , 2006

…joy, joy…


fingerless gloves for ashely – they look like candy!!
plymouth encore worsted #597, 137
100 g / 200 yds. ; 75% acrylic and 25% wool
pattern: my own
started: november , 2006

i’m designing convertible mittens for ashley…but if it doesn’t work out, i’ll just rip back and do the same ones as for ally.

…and how can this not make you smile?


sock yarn from ‘the sock club’ november – reminds me of rainbow brite!

i had a great time last wednesday…the unnamed sock club was aptly named “the sock club”.  and the yarn lifted my spirits so!  i’m looking forward to knitting up the pattern (more on that later).  i met a few more columbus bloggers, too! sock princess – send me a link to your blog, please!

…CTH always makes me smile…


CTH supersock millend, 8 oz

i’m loving the brightness of this.  i’m thinking one pair of bright green socks…and maybe a pair that will be overdyed

…and who doesn’t smile at the thought of STR? especially this…


STR sock club november – pink granite (lightweight)

the ladies at blue moon didn’t disappoint, either.  i was glad to see a more subtle color in my mailbox this time…something…different!  i’ll spare you the pattern and chatter about the 2007 club cost.  but, good news for those on the waiting list, my spot will be open for you!

hopefully this week i can get back into the swing of blogging…have a good one, folks! (i have to work again tonight, so send me caffeine thoughts!!)

politics schmolitics

1 11 2006

{rant: you have got to be f@#$!ing kidding me, i just lost half of my post. ok. breathe tani. no knitting. no cute pictures. no playful banter. you have been warned if you wish to read on}

i realize why i’m so cranky today. today is my official voting day for the mid-term elections. i wanted to be a good citizen, so not knowing when i would be scheduled for work, i got an absentee ballot.

have you ever seen how long these things are? sheesh. i felt like i used up all of my brain power just unfolding the thing. needless to say, i’m pooped. (should i really know all of the candidates for each court?!?). so here i am furiously surfing so i can finish my duties as a responsible citizen of ohio…bleh. i am so not finished. that, and i have to pay bills…bleh-bleh. BLEH!!

tonight i meet with my sock club to witness the unveiling of the next yarn…per lynne, it’s “fabulous”…i can’t even get any energy for a “whoot”.