dear ravelry,

21 01 2009

i didn’t know how to say this in person, so i am writing this in a letter.

i think we need to break up.  our relationship is not healthy.  but i hope it softens the blow when i say, and please, forgive the cliche, it’s me – not you.

i thought i loved you.  really, i think it’s more an obsession. how many nights should i have gone to bed but instead spent the evening with you?  you had all the answers.  you made me laugh.  you showed me things that no one else could.  remember how you introduced me to all of those lace projects?  we we’re together time just rushes away…we have so much to talk about…

then i realized that i needed you more than you needed me.

all my issues of codependence aside, i knew that our time together has taken away from another that i care very deeply about.  my blog.  my original muse.  my blog cared about ME, depended on ME…applauded my successes and encouraged my creativity.  with you it’s just empty desire.

and besides all that.  i know there are others you are involved with.  i knew that from the start.  so i can’t blame you.  and of course, we can still be friends…if you want.  i’ll visit.  i promise.


.: tani :.


all silliness aside, i’m going to make an effort to keep off ravelry…you know, remove it from my fav’d links and all….i’m still thoroughly addicted…but as much as ravelry brings the knitting community together, i feel more isolated.  and somehow i attribute the popularity of ravelry to the demise of many of my favorite bloggers.  it is a time suck.  and i’m sure if we charted the rise of raverly against the number of knitting posts, they would be inversely related.

forums were never my bag, either.  the small coversations i used to have over comments seem more warm and relevant to me.  anyway, i’m guilty of blog abandonment, and not all due to ravelry…

hmmm…maybe the best of both worlds would involve rav-blogging…

(sigh)  the reality is that life is busy and most likely we will all be weaving in and out of our relationships with our blogs and ravelry until our craft becomes more of a priority in our lives…and not to sound too sappy – but the center of my life is my husband and family.  knitting is so very important to me (and my sanity!) but they come first.  so i guess we’ll have to settle for transient relationships.




2 responses

21 01 2009

I think I’m gonna cry.

24 01 2009
Valerie in San Diego

Haha! Fortunately I really hate forums, so I haven’t been sucked into that aspect of Ravely — but the browing-free-patterns part has been killing me. I don’t even want to look at how long my queue is. I need to live to about 202, and not have any arthritis. Oh and have my retirement money last for most of that time. sigh.

Yes, and as you mention there is real actual life, too!

That’s okay. Your blogreaders’ll be here. Ravelry conversations will wrap around and repeat themselves, so you won’t miss anything…

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