wip: politically incorrect blanket

12 12 2014

if you’re looking for a project to take along to stitch n bitch… this would be it!

this rainbow colored mitred square blanket is knit in garter stitch; it’s a very impressive project that is not at all difficult to knit. the only skills that you will need are: casting on, picking up stitches, and switching colors. As for the bad part: there are a hell of a lot of ends to weave in…

what a perfect project for hosting stitch n bitch! i could put it down at a moments notice and then pick it up without missing a beat. the only time i had to pause was to count the number of stitches before i began another square. it’s also proven to be a great project to knit while i listen to my audiobooks (the outlander series… in case you’re wondering. i plan to listen to all of the audio books in the series and then purchase the final one. i estimate i have over 100 hours of listening to go. i wonder what i will listen to after that?).


fo: unknown socks

2 12 2014



can you believe this sat in the wip pile for YEARS? i thought i needed to weave in ends. lo and behold, when it came time to finish the job – the weaving was done. i simply snipped off the yarn ends and ….viola! finished.

(shakes head in search of other “wips”)