25 random things about me, a facebook crosspost.

30 01 2009

a friend tagged me on facebook…so i’m posting here and there!  consider yourself tagged if you want to play along.

1.  i don’t have interests, i have obsessions.  seriously.

2.  my feet are always cold.  i wear wool socks in the summer, too.

3.  one of my first nicknames was motorcycle head.  (i had really long hair my mom used to put into long pigtails).

4.  i am married to the most wonderful man in the world.  and he’s hot.  (bonus!)

5.  i feel guilty when i buy yarn.  so i can only buy in small quantities.  i think this is why i knit mostly small projects like socks and lace.

6.  i’m turning into my mother.  i am both pleased and mortified.

7.  i prefer silence to background noise.  yup.  no tv white noise…and radio only when i sing along or with talk radio.

8.  i am really glad i’m a nurse.

9.  i like to play the lottery once a week because it’s fun damnit!

10.  stupid people annoy me.  rude people infuriate me. people who are both stupid and rude should be shot.

11.  i recycle. i hate feeling trendy about it, though.

12.  i tend to get along with people that most others don’t.

13.  i once ate white castle every day for almost a whole month.  my arteries still hate me. no i don’t know why i did it.

14.  i am a nurse and a hypochondriac but i avoid medicine at all costs.  i think it’s a sub-conscious protest against all the other hypochondriacs and people who think there is a pill to cure everything.

15.  i am currently procrastinating.

16. my favorite color is black. it’s hard for me to wear anything else comfortably.

17.  i am a gadget freak.  my current dream device will replace my phone/pda/ipod/camera/gps/wallet.  this device does not exist yet…and it must be on verizon’s network.  my contract is not up yet.

18.  sometimes i think google has made me dumberer.

19.  i don’t like strangers touching me. can’t stand back massages (from said strangers)

20. i can fall asleep standing up.  i can sleep anywhere.  it is both a blessing and a curse.

21. i forget birthdays and significant holidays on a yearly basis.

22.  i like prunes.  they remind me of spending time with my grandmother.  they taste good and they keep you regular!!

23.  i am completely and utterly paranoid about getting bug bites.  cannot take it.  they think i’m a friggin all you can eat buffet.

24.  i voted against both Bush and McCain.  for the first time in years i feel hopeful for the future of the country.

25. if i were a monster i’d want to be a vampire.  but i promise i’m not in love with edward.


dear ravelry,

21 01 2009

i didn’t know how to say this in person, so i am writing this in a letter.

i think we need to break up.  our relationship is not healthy.  but i hope it softens the blow when i say, and please, forgive the cliche, it’s me – not you.

i thought i loved you.  really, i think it’s more an obsession. how many nights should i have gone to bed but instead spent the evening with you?  you had all the answers.  you made me laugh.  you showed me things that no one else could.  remember how you introduced me to all of those lace projects?  we we’re together time just rushes away…we have so much to talk about…

then i realized that i needed you more than you needed me.

all my issues of codependence aside, i knew that our time together has taken away from another that i care very deeply about.  my blog.  my original muse.  my blog cared about ME, depended on ME…applauded my successes and encouraged my creativity.  with you it’s just empty desire.

and besides all that.  i know there are others you are involved with.  i knew that from the start.  so i can’t blame you.  and of course, we can still be friends…if you want.  i’ll visit.  i promise.


.: tani :.


all silliness aside, i’m going to make an effort to keep off ravelry…you know, remove it from my fav’d links and all….i’m still thoroughly addicted…but as much as ravelry brings the knitting community together, i feel more isolated.  and somehow i attribute the popularity of ravelry to the demise of many of my favorite bloggers.  it is a time suck.  and i’m sure if we charted the rise of raverly against the number of knitting posts, they would be inversely related.

forums were never my bag, either.  the small coversations i used to have over comments seem more warm and relevant to me.  anyway, i’m guilty of blog abandonment, and not all due to ravelry…

hmmm…maybe the best of both worlds would involve rav-blogging…

(sigh)  the reality is that life is busy and most likely we will all be weaving in and out of our relationships with our blogs and ravelry until our craft becomes more of a priority in our lives…and not to sound too sappy – but the center of my life is my husband and family.  knitting is so very important to me (and my sanity!) but they come first.  so i guess we’ll have to settle for transient relationships.

home alone

13 01 2009

so what does one do when their husband suddenly leaves for an overnight business trip?

retail therapy.


sock yarn and cute notions bag!

araucania multy sock yarn, color 325
75% wool : 25% nylon | 100 g : 376 m | 1 skein

~ and ~

frabjous fibers “baby sheep” felt notions bag
handmade in nepal
purchased at knitters mercantile

sadly, the yarn and the felted bag does not fill the emptiness.  i should have went to another yarn store and tried again. 🙂

as it is winter, and my aging hand knit sock collection is doing heavy rotation, i thought i would maybe get something to spark a little sock mojo.  the rather poor picture (taken with my treo phone) doesn’t well represent the teal/blue/gray in the skein.  it sort of reminds me of the color of the ocean in a shaded rocky alcove.  summer.  and warmth.  the little sheep guy jumped into my hands at check out (point-of-sale marketing at its finest).

meanwhile i have been stealing some knitting moments by working on my red sea shawl (ravelry link, no pictures yet).  i’m over half-done.  and get this – no stiches to pick up around the border.  if you’re curious, it’s the baltic sea stole pattern by by faina m. letoutchaia from fibertrends.  i like the pattern immensely.  even down to the pattern delivery mechanism (it’s printed in color on a heavy card stock bi-fold)…however, other fiber trends patterns i’ve noticed are printed on a darkish colored 8.5 x 11 paper with a picture glued on, served up in a clear jacket protector…and, extra instructions and charts are thrown in, in a different color and different size paper!  this has prevented me from purchasing other fiber trends patterns at the lys.  😦   oh well…

there are a ton of other patterns/pattern designers i want to try out anyway…

another post! or …a 2008 fo

7 01 2009

last year i fell in love.  with lace.

it was like another addiction hit me.  socks no longer had their appeal.  i just wanted to knit lace.  and so i bought lace books and i stalked lace blogs and i loaded up the stash with lace and i dreamed lace and i knit lace and so on and so forth.

the most appealing patterns to me are those that are simple and geometric.  the maltese shawl definitely fit the bill there.  i also thought i would hate triangular shawls.  i was wrong.  (love them!)  my first triangle was actually adamas, by miriam l felton.

i wish i had more time last year to knit.  i didn’t get too many projects in.  but i did manage to knit up adamas.  and adamas was such a joy to knit i had to do an encore immediately.

the mil recieved this as a present.  and as of 25 december 2008,  she reports that she has yet to use it.  meanwhile, my own adamas (no picture yet)…has been in regular rotation with my winter wear.  (sigh).  oh well.  i did happen to snap some pics before i gave it to her in august.



adamas closeup



yo mama…in law… adamas
pattern: adamas by miriam l. fenton (my ravelry link)
knitpicks gloss lace in pinot
2 skeins | 440 yds : 50 g | 80 wool : 20 silk
started: june 26, 2008
finished: july 27, 2008
needles: US #4 knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: the color is a little dark in this picture.  it’s more representative of the other shots. i used really only 1.5 skeins.

what fun to knit and really easy to wear. i only wish my mil wore it more (cuz i would!).