plan of attack

22 01 2010

we all have excuses for NOT doing the things that we want to do.  and who wants to be the girl who makes excuses?  i’m done with excuses!!  i just need a plan…feel free to waddle through my chain of consciousness as i reason myself into submission (otherwise, click next in your RSS reader and standby for another more knitting-related submission):

okay.  i’ve become one of those bloggers who says on a (not so) consistent basis, “I must really post more!!”.  let’s be serious people, we all know that really bloggers walk-the-walk, not just talk-the-talk!!  i must not be a real blogger.  i realize that my life will not be documented in a movie and nor will i ever be offered a book deal that chronicles my creative living.  well.  i’m okay with that.  i think…right now my desire to write posts may just be to justify the subscription cost for my domain name and mapping from wordpress.  or maybe i miss the community of knit blogging and need to reintroduce myself. or MAYBE i really do need an outlet for the right side of my brain.  no matter.  this all boils down posting frequency.  what is keeping me from posting?

1.  lack of camerage.

sure, sure…i have the old point and shoot, but it takes terrible picture.  knit blogging (hell, blogging in general) is much more interesting with some eye-candy.  poorly shot photos with bad lighting and ugly staging just makes for some UN-inspiring posts.  i have to find the charger on our ancient camera and set up the studio that my husband gave me.

2.  lack of inspiration.

funding has been cut.  yarn clubs are but fleeting memory.  my knitting group has dissolved with my lys closing.

3.  lack of time.

i know.  wah.  in my defense i did just start a new career…and a lot of my time off work is spent in gym (a result of three things: A. a 15-20 lb gain over last year; B. a SIGNIFICANT drop in my metabolism and; C. i’m attempting a sprint triathalon for 2010).  all of this equals little time for knitting. oh.  and must-see tv.  yet i still manage to knit.  hm.  something is not jiving.

so how do i overcome these things?  how about one step at a time?

  1. find the camera charger
  2. set up the studio
  3. find inspiration with what you have (duh! i need to do a yarn/project photoshoot)
  4. blog in baby steps!

this weekend, i’ll get #1 & #2 done.  i’m putting it in rtm right now (rtm = remember the milk = FAAaaaAA – bu -LoUs!).  i’m hoping that the field of dreams effect will take over, and the blogging will roll out naturally…





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2 04 2010
Lynne durant

hope all is well

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