win some yarn, you lucky dog! (contest rules)

15 06 2007

hi all…i’ve finally the time to sit down to write a post about my blog contest. while i was at knitter’s review, i had the time of my life. how could you not? there was yarn; there was knitting; there was good company. while it would be all too easy to be selfish and keep my kc memories all to myself, i wanted someone to share my joy.

i don’t want to wax philosophical, but sometimes i feel like i take for granted that i am a lucky person. i have shelter and food. i have a wonderful fiance (i love you) and family (i love you too!). i am healthy. and i have a stable job. but it is all to easy to throw perspective off when the details and fussiness of life creeps in. for example, my last three shifts at work were miserable…so miserable they make me question if being a nurse is worth my physical, mental and emotional energy. sometimes that environment is filled with so many poisonous personalities, you wonder why anyone would want to be a nurse. but then i remember that my job is not about me. it’s about healing, helping and supporting. it’s about providing for my family. and (okay, maybe it is a little about me)…it’s about having extra cash to spend on a little something to make me happy. because i am lucky.

so as i sit here, bleary-eyed and worn down, i want to celebrate being lucky.

tell me why you are lucky and what you appreciate about your life, your job, your hobby, or whatever. it can be rather mundane or completely profound.

i’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments left to this post one week from today-ish. the winner gets their choice of colorway of the chameleon colorworks evolution yarn (2 skeins), as posted on my previous post. i also may dig through my stash and find something else to give away, just to make the pot a little sweeter.

i hope this post finds you in a happy mood!

here’s a friday fiber pic (this one, i’m keeping!)



yarnlove, joan of arc (sock yarn) in sincerity
1 skein | 50% merino, 50% tencel | 4 oz : 410 yards
notes: such a sheen with subtle color! purchased at knitters connection




20 responses

15 06 2007

I’m feeling lucky. Lucky in life right now (please don’t let this be a jinx!). Our Cannon Powershot has been taking crap pictures and it is only 2 years old. I searched around on the internet and found there was a defect with the internal workings of some Powershots. Although NONE of our symptoms sounded like what was wrong with our camera, I called and sent the thing to Cannon for a checkup. An email arrived yesterday and the digital camera tech guys are FIXING IT FOR FREE!! Yeehaw! Anytime I can save those big bucks means…more yarn for me! 🙂

15 06 2007

I’m lucky to have my husband. I didn’t think I’d ever find someone I could put up with (and vice versa), and now I have absolute love and support like I never even could have guessed was possible, even if he does make me crazy 70% of the time.

15 06 2007

I’m lucky to be married to my best friend. And while he doesn’t completely understand my yarn obsession, he is totally supportive of it.

15 06 2007

I’m finding as I get older, that I am very blessed with extremely kind and caring friends. Since I have no siblings, and only one living parent, supportive friends are not just a luxury, but a necessity.

I have acquaintances, casual friends, close friends, and life-long-until-you’re-gone friends. And, not in the least, knitting friends who fit into all the above categories. Life is good!!

15 06 2007

Oooo you! a contest! I’m lucky in many ways. I have my husband-our relationship seems to be timeless, no games, no glitz, just plain comfortable with the promise of tomorrow. The kids are healthy and doing very well in school-don’t give us any trouble and they’re turning into pretty nice people. I have a roof over my head that happens to be home always with good memories, food and much laighter. I have a community of friends who are all like-minded. from these good peeps I share, learn, grow and draw much inspiration. I’ll stop, because I could go on-thanks for reminding me of all I have:)

17 06 2007
stella from new zealand

I’m lovving my job right now, don’t get me wrong but some days it sucks, sucks real bad but most days I get to help young adults interested in design learn and practice new skills to make their designs happen. Last week my closest teaching collegue one a national award for her teaching and we sit desk to desk and co- teach. i get to learn so much with her there, and 2 of our 22 final year students placed in international design comptetions, seriously good ones. My non work life is good, my family are loved and love me, i have enough and more than enough to let me indulge food and yarn hobbies. Don’t get me wrong, we are not made of money and the accounts are usually near empty, but $ isn’t everything. My son is ‘special’ but lovable and his principle and teachers obviously care for him and he has good good friends, we sponsor a wee boy in tanzania, and the kids love getting and sending him letters, The sun is shining and the fire is on, the house is clean, dry and warm. And last week I felt financial enough to start a regular donation out of my pay to the Angel fund, which proivdes no interest loans for women to improve their lives – I felt we had enough to do that.

and my fish blanket is growing, slowely, organically, and at a pace I am happy with, as i age I am very much less impatient … thats good.

and I got tagged, so am passing on the tag to you, rules on my blog, hope thats ok.

17 06 2007
stella from new zealand

that would be ‘won’ not ‘one’
I should really spell check and proof read ….

17 06 2007

Lucky? I found my husband at a job I had for a short time. We lived in an apartment, and just at the time our downstairs neighbors were being unreasonable, we found a house to rent.

When we decided to move, we drove around the country until we decided to settle down. We were looking at a house to rent when we got lost and found a brand new housing development. And even though we had no jobs at the time, we were able to buy a house. Our parents helped us get just enough money to put down on it.

I found a job here just as our money was running out, and found a better job just before layoffs came to the company i worked for. Between the 2 jobs, we had just enough time to drive to Kansas to pick up the only black and tan shiba inu pup we could find online. She was one of 2 pups left out of the litter, and we picked up the first pup – too wiggly. picked up the 2nd pup, and she calmed right down. 🙂

We looked for a car for me to commute to work in, and drove a Golf, decided we didn’t like it much, and were about to leave the lot when we found the TDI New Beetle (45+ mpg) that I drive to work now.

17 06 2007

Hmmm, would I call my life lucky or blessed? I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I have parents who love me very much and have always been supportive of me – and helped me when I needed it financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. I have a wonderful husband who loved me when I was a size 8 and loves me now that I’m SO NOT a size 8! He works so hard and supports me in my desire to be a stay-at-home mom as well as a homeschooling mom. That hasn’t always been easy financially, but he has always been for it. I have two super kids! I have a 19 year old with so much artistic talent it’s disgusting! I have a 16 year old with a talent to match his sister’s and who is not embarrassed to kiss his mom good-bye in public! I have my health – which is something we should all be thankful for if we have great health. My Dad fell nine years ago and is paralyzed on his left side due to a whack on the concrete floor when he fell – only three feet off of a ladder! I am thankful to still have him and as I watch him struggle with day to day things, I realize how I take for granted all the things I do – like knit, tie my shoes, dress myself, hold a book with both hands, hug my family with both arms, drive, bathe myself and tend to my own needs in the bathroom. So, I am thankful for BIG things like my house, family, car, etc. And I am thankful for the little things too!

17 06 2007
Danielle H.

Well, first off I’m lucky because it’s almost summer vacation! 🙂 But seriously, I will miss my students over the next couple of months. I’m lucky to have such great friends including one who introduced me to my husband. We’re happy and relatively healthy. I can only hope the future continues as well.

18 06 2007

What a great reason – my hubby is going to nursing school now and thinks the same way (he knows about the different personalities, etc in the hospital setting!)

I’d say I’m sooooo thankful for my agility hobby. It lets me spend real quality time with my dogs one on one, I am in the great outdoors and with friends and my hubby. What could be better???!!

19 06 2007

My husband of 46 years (51 if you count dating years) died May 15th. I was able to honor his wish to die at home surrounded by his family. The hardest thing I have ever done was to tell him I was releasing him, two days before he died. I am blessed because he is not in pain anymore. The pain was more difficult for me than his death.

Single handedly, he built every square inch of my home which is located on 10 acres of rural land that I grew up on. Not only do I feel a strong connection to this land from my childhood days, but now my husband’s arms are wrapped around it as well. While I miss him terribly, I am so blessed to live in my fantastic home in the woods with a golden retreiver, 2 bob tail cats, and bantam pet chickens.

I am director of a local chapter of Threads of Love ( and working to help others is a source of healing for my heart. It is hard to feel sorry for myself when I am busy helping comfort others. This, also, is a tremendous blessing in my life.

There are 7 precious grandchildren and 2 beautiful daughters & their husbands to support and love on me. My daughters planned a wonderful uplifting funeral service for their daddy, and 4 days later a memorial service in another town. Three of our granddaughters sang in Latin at their Pawpaw’s bedside the morning of his death and sang the same song at both of the services. My family is the greatest blessing in my life.

A little extra joy in my life will be the addition of a new puppy coming to join me this Friday; I can’t wait! I have named her Cherokee because I have Cherokee blood in me and have named my home Cherokee Creek. She is 1/2 German shepherd and 1/2 black lab and will be my companion in my home.

So, in the midst of great sorrow, there is much to appreciate and be grateful for. And, yes, in spite of being imperfect, I do live in the greatest country in the world.


19 06 2007

I think I’m pretty luck to be a teacher, and to work at a school where both the children and their parents think I have something important to share. Sure there are bad days, but I try to remember things that I learned from teachers and hope that when my students are as old as I am perhaps they will remember something I said or did. I’m lucky to have a husband who loves me and works even though he doesn’t like his job and lucky to have a child who is growing into a creature who is enjoyable to be around! Oh, and the luckiest part of being a teacher? It’s summer vacation, knitting time!

19 06 2007

I’m lucky because I have wonderful children who are secure with who they are and know that they are secure with our love. I’m married to my best friend! I have a job that is flexible and allows me to make enough money to live on and still be with my family when need be. And I am lucky to have found my passion for crafting with yarn and fiber. There are some nights when I wait on people (I’m a waitress and wine buyer at a restaurant) and they seem so unhappy and I think to myself, “They don’t have yarn! They would be happy if they had yarn!” Well, I have yarn and that is one reason I am so very lucky!

20 06 2007

I am grateful I found “my something better.”

21 06 2007

My son said today, “Our friends are our family too.” He’s almost three years old. We don’t have grandparents or aunts and uncles close bye for them to spend time with, and I’m so grateful to have a wonderful circle of friends in our small town. I’ve always felt that my friends are my family, but don’t remember voicing that to Kevin. I’m so glad he feels that way too! After my boys and my far-away family, I cherish my friends and am lucky to have them.

22 06 2007

I am lucky to be alive, and to know the friends I know. I have finally learned to open up to people, and to grow in relationships with fantastic people in my life. It’s so good to know I can spend time with people who know me, accept me, and love me.

22 06 2007

I find myself happy that I have learned to enjoy life’s simple pleasures much more than I used to. It really is much more enjoyable this way.

24 06 2007

Not sure if I am too late for your contest, but here goes:

I am lucky to be here, in this time and place, with the chance to practice generosity in this world. I am a pediatric physical therapist, and I have been doing it for 21 years. I would be happy to find another job tomorrow if it meant that all my patients were cured! But since that has not happened yet, I am so lucky to know my patients and their families. My husband and I have been studying buddhism for the past several years, and I am so drawn to the teachings about alleviating the suffering of all beings. So I try to remember that every day.



16 01 2008

Obviously not for the contest, but the sentiment was really sweet, so:

I am very, very , very lucky that I don’t have to put my baby in daycare. My husband and I both have very flexible jobs that have allowed us to tag-team care for her, and even have days where we’re all together. We look poor on paper, but we may be the happiest people alive.

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