A+ procrastinator

30 05 2004

for your reading pleasure today: why kids should not eat shrek twisted cheetos

i’m doing my very best to finish up my 2 papers and two presentations due this week (not to mention a take home exam). but i must say that procrastination has gotten the very best of me. i’ve been up since 6 am and i’ve:

  • eaten breakfast
  • made coffee
  • read the sunday paper
  • browsed my newsgroups
  • washed the dishes
  • posted to this blog
  • funny how attractive everything ELSE is when you have a deadline ahead of you and some work to get done. i think it’s time i get this damn paper finished.


    okay, you can stop embarassing me now

    27 05 2004

    lesson learned. i will never tell another soul about this damn blog. 😉

    the whole point of bearing my soul to the internet was merely for release and for the sake of posterity. who the hell would be bored enough to visit this poor soul’s online bitchfest? eh. oh well, maybe i can sell the rights and be immortalized forever on the silver screen.

    truthfully, i wanted to start this last fall, so that i could write about my experiences as a graduate-entry nurse practioner student. you know, share a little 411 with the world about the behind the scenes glamour of graduate school. news flash: it’s not glamorous and i STILL don’t feel like i’m ready to save the world. (please forgive the next line, the optimist in me can’t resist) but i’m looking forward to it. (yes, folks, she said it. you’ll find barf bags in the seat pocket in front of you.)


    out of touch

    14 05 2004

    i *just* learned about the terrible fate of nick berg. i saw some images. (shudder). sometimes i lament that i don’t have the time to keep up with the goings-on of the world.

    today, i wish i’d been kept in the dark.

    three things

    12 05 2004

    1. you can not like everybody (truth)
    2. not everybody can like you (reality)
    3. like everybody can not you (yoda)

    the meaning of blog

    12 05 2004

    so i’ve been piddling around all day looking at blogs.

    i asked myself, “myself, now just who are these people writing for? do they actually expect that what they have to say is interesting? and why in the hell do i want to have my own blog?”

    good question. and i’ve come to the conclusion that i want to be interesting &/or witty &/or funny. preferably all three. i do not want to sound like some broken record whining about the barking dog next door. i do not want to be the cocky strip-club manager who gives the lucky reader insight on ‘his lucky life’. and you won’t find me waxing philosophical about the meaning of life and ‘my special purpose’. {yes i did find many blogs today on the above topics…well, okay, only one stripper-mgr}

    these are just my random thoughts, in no particular order, with no specific purpose other than to entertain me.

    so there.


    12 05 2004

    so i’m a girl. i want my blog to look pretty. and somehow i can’t get myself to do anything else except try and skin my blog.

    i think that is a little pathetic, don’t you?

    btw – 51 days, 11 hours, 8 minutes and 16 seconds SMOKE FREE!!

    my first post

    11 05 2004

    hello blogging world!