happy (belated) thanksgiving!!

29 11 2014

the holidays are now upon us and the frenzy has begun!

and like most knitters around this time, my knitting ADD is in full swing! i’ve picked up an old wip…the politically incorrect blankie – a rainbow of mitered square goodness. this is a gift for the dd that was selected and started about 2 years ago. the project is divided into 4 quadrants then stitched together before a garter stitch border is added. i’m on square 27 (not yet pictured).

my sock wip is my car project…a plain vanilla sock that gets attention even on the quickest of car rides. if I had it my way these little project bags would be everywhere. the husband is not so keen on little project bags tucked into every nook and cranny.


loving that I have my needles going again. my inner crafter is finally resurfacing!




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