the meaning of blog

12 05 2004

so i’ve been piddling around all day looking at blogs.

i asked myself, “myself, now just who are these people writing for? do they actually expect that what they have to say is interesting? and why in the hell do i want to have my own blog?”

good question. and i’ve come to the conclusion that i want to be interesting &/or witty &/or funny. preferably all three. i do not want to sound like some broken record whining about the barking dog next door. i do not want to be the cocky strip-club manager who gives the lucky reader insight on ‘his lucky life’. and you won’t find me waxing philosophical about the meaning of life and ‘my special purpose’. {yes i did find many blogs today on the above topics…well, okay, only one stripper-mgr}

these are just my random thoughts, in no particular order, with no specific purpose other than to entertain me.

so there.




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