wip: winter cowl

19 11 2014

progress on lace is much slower than with bulky. by my calculations, i would have had at least two GAPtastics finished.

IMG_1775.JPG the color is more accurate on this shot.

IMG_1776.JPGabout 5 repeats completed!

i will say my fingers like the smaller yarn and needles. my eyes…not so much.


fo: unnamed shawl for grandma

7 11 2014

when I first started this blog I was very particular about the pictures that I posted here. each was carefully edited and color corrected. these days I am lucky to have posted anything at all.

*so* I’m posting what I have! (mostly) unedited pics of my latest finished object:

Grandma's shawl
a shawl for grandma kathleen. happy 87th!!

Grandma's shawl
the color is more accurate here

Grandma's shawl
i made her pose with it

Grandma's shawl
blocking shot (thanks butter for helping me!)

Grandma's shawl
i made butter pose too.

i actually have a small village worth of lace shawls that haven’t been blocked. and out of this stash I selected a beautiful pink triangle lace shawl. the name of the pattern is lost…i don’t seem to have it documented in ravelry. if you recognize it please let me know!!

Grandma's shawl
happiest of birthdays to you, grandma!