fo: unnamed shawl for grandma

7 11 2014

when I first started this blog I was very particular about the pictures that I posted here. each was carefully edited and color corrected. these days I am lucky to have posted anything at all.

*so* I’m posting what I have! (mostly) unedited pics of my latest finished object:

Grandma's shawl
a shawl for grandma kathleen. happy 87th!!

Grandma's shawl
the color is more accurate here

Grandma's shawl
i made her pose with it

Grandma's shawl
blocking shot (thanks butter for helping me!)

Grandma's shawl
i made butter pose too.

i actually have a small village worth of lace shawls that haven’t been blocked. and out of this stash I selected a beautiful pink triangle lace shawl. the name of the pattern is lost…i don’t seem to have it documented in ravelry. if you recognize it please let me know!!

Grandma's shawl
happiest of birthdays to you, grandma!



5 11 2014

there is progress on the owlies!

pardon the fuzzy picture!

it so happened that I had some 6/0 beads in my craft stash (likely for another unnamed lace shawl). in lieu of beaded lace, i used the little purple glass beads as owl eyes. adorbs.

the technique is slightly fiddly; thankfully i chose to only bead the owls on the leg to avoid potential ouchies on the instep and heel. oh…what technique? i used dental floss! perhaps if I have time i will take pictures. using a tiny crochet hook may be slightly less fiddly…but i couldn’t locate my hooks ūüė¶

anyway, looking forward to finishing up the first sock!

wip: autumn owlies

2 11 2014

you know…i have something else on the needles!

this moody picture brought to you on all hallow’s eve…

autumn owlies (ravelry project link)
owlie socks by julie elswick suchomel
yarn: knitpicks stroll tonal in foliage
462 yards : 100 g | 75% merino : 25% nylon
needles: size 1 knitpicks circular needles
started: october 31, 2014
notes: long tail co, did not switch needle sizes

i will be attempting the addition of beads to this project. ¬†keep your fingers cross. ¬†it is actually the 31st tonight…i hope that the rain keeps the beggar’s away so i can keep knitting these socks. ¬†yes, i am the scrooge of halloween. ¬†boo to you! bah humbug!

fo: gift socks

31 10 2014

hooray!  finished object!!

i’ve been trying to finish off gift knitting that has been in the works for a while. ¬†these are for my niece…but butter kinda wants them too. ¬†i think the afterthought heels were a success…i may have to start knitting endless tubes so that i can get through my sock knitting stash.

Gift Socks!

gift socks
pattern: my own (my ravelry link)
in knitpicks felici (color way unknown)
finished: october 29, 2014
needles: US #0 knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: jmco, tube socks, afterthought heel

random thought: ¬†i want to avoid 100% merino socks. ¬†they just don’t cut it. ¬†a good number of mine eventually fell apart. ¬†i may just ¬†knit in some reinforcement on the heels and toes (because i have so much super wash merino)….OR…use wool/nylon blends for the toes and heels!

up next!

28 10 2014


well hello there!

22 10 2014

look! knitting!


2×2 ribbed socks
pattern: my own
knitpicks yarn
started: unknown
needles: US #1 2.25 mm knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: jmco 12, increased to 64.¬† basic 2×2 rib.

i love the idea of blogging again. i was finishing up the first sock of this pair and couldn’t remember how to do an invisible bo…so i looked up my tutorial! couldn’t help myself and practically read the entire blog. (sigh).

also my friend becky, aka “momma”, started a blog of her own: endurance epicurean.

see you again soon?

the bread chronicles…getting started

29 01 2011

for as long as i can remember, i’ve always wanted to bake bread. ¬†i’ve tried it once or twice; but i ended up with something that resembled more a paperweight than a perfect loaf of bread that i want to sink my teeth into. ¬†since those failed attempts i convinced myself that i was a cook (not a chef, and definitely NOT a baker) so i should focus my energies elsewhere.

but as i was browsing one site or another, i came across this…

artisan bread in 5 minutes a day
honestly i didn’t think it would work. ¬†experience has shown us that ‘quick fixes’ just don’t work. ¬†but i kept stalking the reviews on amazon. ¬†and i kept getting curious-er and curious-er…so i bought the book.

meanwhile, when i was grocery shopping i would discreetly chuck a bag of flour into our shopping cart. ¬†(nevermind that we don’t use flour for anything we cook) ¬†by the time the book was delivered i counted 3 bags of whole wheat flour, 2 bags of bread flour, another bag of cornmeal and a tupperware full of a mystery flour. ¬†the¬†irony in buying all that flour: i didn’t have the all-purpose flour the recipe calls for. ¬†(sigh)

In a nutshell, this method allows you to pre-make a wet dough that is stored in the fridge for up to 10 days.  When you want to make bread, you snip off a piece, shape it, rest it, slash and bake it!  Even a non-baker like me was able to make a decent looking loaf:

my (second-ever) loaf or “boule”

i made the dough on day 1, on day 3 i made the first loaf (not pictured), on day 4 i made another two loaves, and today, day 5 i finished off the rest of the dough.
VERDICT: (loaves 1 &2) nice crisp crust that softened slightly when cooled.  the crumb was dense and moist.  aaron really took a shine to this basic recipe.  i think the crumb could be less dense and more chewy. i will switch to bread flour as it has more gluten and may give me a bread more to my liking.  (loaf 3) gifted to the neighbors. (loaf 4) in the oven!
i’ll continue to post to the bread chronicles as my adventure continues….