cider moon pic and new sock- broad spiral rib :)

26 06 2007

like many, i’m trying to pare down my spending on knitting-related paraphernalia. i have a ton of sock yarn….like over 9 miles of sock yarn, not including my newest stash enhancers….so, over 10 miles….must clean out the stash. i have stuff from years ago with which i’ve fallen out of love.

enter terri. she has agreed to take my extra stash, along with the clown vomit. thanks terri!! hooray!! (my guess is that i’ll be at the post office on friday, since i work on wed and thurs nights. i’m sending a packed box!! ps – tricia, i’ll be sending your prize at that time as well!) let’s see (furiously types into calculator…) that brings….(tap, tap) my total….(tap, tap, tap) to just over 9 miles. oh. oh well. i’m loving most everything in my stash now anyway!

like this:


cidermoon ‘flurry’ in jackie o
100% superwash merino | 440 yds: 110 g
note: purchased at kc ’06

i’ve always had a thing for black…and more recently pink….so this is a perfect colorway. the yarn is a light fingering weight and i will definitely be using #1’s on this bad girl. i need some inspiration for a pattern, though. sigh. i’ve never been one for planning pattern to yarn. i guess that’s why socks/sock yarn is good for me!!

speaking of socks. here’s what i’ve been working on. my sister (remember this?) as i expected, she felted the fingerless gloves i made her. she requested mittens for her birthday…but she also asked for socks….so i was inspired to make these:


broad spiral ribbing pattern from more sks
STR in peaseblossom (rockin’ sock club – july) by BMFA
4.25 oz / 360 yards ; 100% superwash merino
started: june 20, 2007
needles: 2, #1 addi turbo circs
notes: in a former life, the yarn was this; toe up, 60 stitches, short row heel, p2k4 ribbing


to give the cuff interest, i offset it with a purl row and added a pattern repeat in the center to echo the pattern in the leg.

the requirements were definitely superwash, simple pattern (the nieces instigate many momentary lapses of concentration), colorful and soft. str fit the bill. and though i am sad to see the yarn leave my stash. at least i can take comfort in the fact that my sister will follow care instructions (machine wash)….and not felt them! but i guarantee you that she will play tennis in the socks…and they will wear out within one year. next pair of socks will contain nylon. (not that i’m against nylon…i just prefer the 100% merino…so luxurious and soft!!)

i have one done and have 30% of the other done….so i hope to be finished with these soon!

oh!!…i almost forgot!! today, i am officially a flickr pro member. i was at the limit for the free account….so i finally took the plunge! hooray!


win some yarn, you lucky dog! (contest rules)

15 06 2007

hi all…i’ve finally the time to sit down to write a post about my blog contest. while i was at knitter’s review, i had the time of my life. how could you not? there was yarn; there was knitting; there was good company. while it would be all too easy to be selfish and keep my kc memories all to myself, i wanted someone to share my joy.

i don’t want to wax philosophical, but sometimes i feel like i take for granted that i am a lucky person. i have shelter and food. i have a wonderful fiance (i love you) and family (i love you too!). i am healthy. and i have a stable job. but it is all to easy to throw perspective off when the details and fussiness of life creeps in. for example, my last three shifts at work were miserable…so miserable they make me question if being a nurse is worth my physical, mental and emotional energy. sometimes that environment is filled with so many poisonous personalities, you wonder why anyone would want to be a nurse. but then i remember that my job is not about me. it’s about healing, helping and supporting. it’s about providing for my family. and (okay, maybe it is a little about me)…it’s about having extra cash to spend on a little something to make me happy. because i am lucky.

so as i sit here, bleary-eyed and worn down, i want to celebrate being lucky.

tell me why you are lucky and what you appreciate about your life, your job, your hobby, or whatever. it can be rather mundane or completely profound.

i’ll randomly pick a winner from the comments left to this post one week from today-ish. the winner gets their choice of colorway of the chameleon colorworks evolution yarn (2 skeins), as posted on my previous post. i also may dig through my stash and find something else to give away, just to make the pot a little sweeter.

i hope this post finds you in a happy mood!

here’s a friday fiber pic (this one, i’m keeping!)



yarnlove, joan of arc (sock yarn) in sincerity
1 skein | 50% merino, 50% tencel | 4 oz : 410 yards
notes: such a sheen with subtle color! purchased at knitters connection

share my swag

10 06 2007

just wanted to put up a quick post before i headed off to work. knitter’s connection? so. much. fun. it was my first yarny “convention” and was i happy, happy, happy!!

i saw miss lime for the l&v live podcast, listened to cat bordhi’s lecture on new sock architecture (omg, soo cool! her new book will be released at the end of july!!) and some stroke of luck, i was able to get into cat bordhi’s toe-up sock class (thanks cat!!). of course, like kelly, some yarn followed me home. i also met lizzie and some other new columbus knitters (sorry can’t find my notes to link you) and jerry was nice enough to embarrass re-introduce starry-eyed me with the queen of new sock architecture herself (blush).

anyway, i joined knitter’s connection and got a cool bag of swag…here’s a pic of it with some of my purchases:


kc member goody bag – sooo worth the price of membership.

there were at least 3 magazines and 5-6 full or sample sized skeins in there. i stuffed it full of yarn that i bought at the market. some yarn love, neighborhood fiber co and cider moon yarn jumped into my bag (pictures in another post)…the beautiful red yarn is a mini-skein from twisted sisters.

one of my favorite finds was this:


chameleon colorworks evolution sport weight

i bought two colors:

lime and violet

morning dove

it is phenominal! so soft and it has a sheen unlike any merino i’ve ever used! would you like some? i’d like to share the love of my kc week. i’m still up in the air of what colorway i’m going to give away, though. i also have some patterns and sample skeins (from the swag bag) that need a good home. i’ll post the details of the how/when/what in the next week.

ps- check out these socks…they done in str medium weight in fairgrounds and are from my class. we did mini-socks for the class…and mine happen to be baby size. 🙂


new sock architecture – class sock

i won! me! can you believe it?

6 04 2007

hell-O! can you be-LIEVE that i actually won something? little ol’ me? yeah, me neither. but i did! have you heard about cider moon yet? they are a small indie dyeing gig located in central ohio.


the card that came with my yarn!

their stuff is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. the colorways just call to me…. i first heard of the company through my friends gena and lynne. they went on and on about the yarn. “sure. whatever,” i yawned. after all, i have the internet at my fingertips and bmfa str were the rage…and, at the time, no lys carried a wide selection of sock yarn, so how good could they be? (to be fair, all of my lys have beefed up their selection of sock yarn. gulp. i am in trouble). eventually i did come across cider moon in the wild (at knitter’s mercantile…a wonderfully friendly store with a wide selection…but more on them in another post). they were right…i mean, come on, look at these colorways. anyway, they ran a contest for their yarniversary…and yours truly was one of the lucky recipients. (here are the other winners and an explanation of their changed base yarns). and here is what i won:


cider moon hand dyed yarn flurry in apple crisp
1 skein | 100% superwash merino wool | 110 g : 440 yds
guage 8 stitches / 12 rows = 1″ on US 1’s

this is truly an autumn inspired yarn. i had a hard time capturing the true colors on my digital camera. there is a definite yellow tone throughout the skein. i think it’s purty. i almost took a bite out of it. (apple crisp is one of my fav desserts).


anyway, not much on the knitting front. here is a pic of the current progress on my lime uptown socks:


uptown lime boot socks
i had to frog heel flap on sock #2 😦
started: march 17, 2007
needles: 4 – #2 lantern moon ebony dpns
notes: 72 stitches cast on, 2″ cuff, cuts yarn at heel?!? getting tedious on sock #2

out of frustration i will be putting these down and casting on for my future mil’s socks. it’ll be my first spin with colinette jitterbug. keep your fingers crossed….

ohhh! and how could i forget to post my march sock club yarn??!?!


the sock club – march – a touch of spring
80% superwash merino / 20% nylon
2 skeins – 2.5 oz / 210 yards
machine wash / tumble dry

if it plays the cards right, it may end up a ez baby surprise jacket, like lynne!

using stash…then adding to it.

28 03 2007

a long time ago i decided that it was time for me to dye my own sock yarn. i decided to go with food-safe dyes because i didn’t want to chance it with toxic acid dyes. i can be very messy at times, you know. anyway, i ended up test dyeing a number of mini-skeins…and if i must say so myself, i’m pretty darn proud of the colors that i dyed up…here’s an old pic of my stash with the skeins front and center:

070328.old stash photo

see the mini-skeins in the middle? i dyed those!
click thru to see notes via flickr…this photo is an older stash photo, btw.

i’ve turned those little skeins into these:


little fisheys…and a cute mini-project bag

i’m sure that y’all have heard of the tesselating fish blanket. the yarn harlot posted a pic ofthe blanket a while ago. apparently it was published in a magazine years ago and was re-engineered by a blogger. of late, there is some discussion on knitter’s review about the blanket too. from there i found the blog knit, knit, frog, where stell ambitiously decideds to make a blanket from sock yarn. she is on fish #77 (i think). i am only on fish #12:

[zoomed out] 12 fisheys and a cute bag

i bought the bag at one of my lys. it is made by lantern moon and is made of silk. the bag is big enough to hold 4 mini skeins and my circs so i can bring my fisheys with me in style! the store name is “the yarn shop” and they have a huge selection of yarn, needles, notions and books…now while i walked into the store to get replacements for my ebony dpns…i walked out of the store with the bag and these:


yeah!! who would’ve thought…in my LYS!!


claudia handpainted yarn sport weight in buckeye
1 skein | 225 yds : 100 g | 100% merino wool


claudia handpainted yarn fingering weight in black walnut
2 skeins | 180 yds : 50 g | 100% merino wool

in the interest of self-disclosure i must also admit i gave into another yarn purchase. but all i have to say is….



(whine)…but it’s sweet georgia!!



sweet georgia speed demon sock yarn in stillwater
purchased from knit picky via telephone order
1 skein | 225 yds : 112 g | 100% merino wool

um…come on!! this was from possibly one of the last shipments ever of sweet georgia. i just had to….didn’t i?

a vacation knit…

14 03 2007

a week of vaca will definitely recharge you! but, man, a day at work can really drain your batteries. i slept in today and i’m still hurting. the near-spring allergies aren’t helping either. ugh. anyhoo…as promised…i have more pictures of my vacation yarn finds and a sock i nearly finished…

but before i do that, i must give credit where credit is due. the second yarn shop that i visited in winston salem was named ‘knit one, smock too”. i will not digress with a rant about web presence. grrrrr….ahem…. this store had a nice selection of yarn as well as quilting, embroidery and smocking supplies. (the lady nicely told me that smocking is a sort of embroidery on the smock of a child’s dress). i asked for ebony dpns and was handed some bamboo with a pleasant,”here you go!” …(huh? i asked for ebony. maybe i was mumbling.)… she was distracted by a phone call so i took the opportunity to scope out the selection of yarn. i think the selection was worth seeing for most knitters…but being mostly interested in sock yarns i was knocked out by the simple fact they had jitterbug. of course, i get knocked out if i just see something in person for the first time!! i walked away without the dpns…and with the jitterbug in jay. all in all, a nice store, but not worth the 20 minutes that were lost when we got lost trying to find it!

thankfully, i had a project to distract me while in the car.


garter rib socks adapted from sensational knitted socks
for butter (k) in yartini 4-8-15-16-23-42
started: march 7, 2007
needles: 2 – 2.5mm, 60 cm addi circ’s
notes: toe up, 72 stitches, short row heel, back-stitch bind off

here’s a detail of the rib:


garter rib detail

i think the b.o. was pretty stretchy…what do you think of the looks?

back-stitch bind off

this yarn is soooo yummy. it is a joy sliding through your fingers while you knit…and so soft knit up. i caught butter rubbing it against his cheek! i am mad at myself that i didn’t use it to make myself a pair (but i guess not too much since i bought two skeins of the colorway!!).

to make the endless ribbing go faster, i knit in the combination style. ( i think there was a knitty gritty episode on this technique.) me thinks that my stitches are not as neat when i use this technique, but it is said that combined knitting will prevent ‘rowing out’ (where you’re purl kind of separate from each other…think reverse stockinette that’s not so even). if there is any interest, i’d be happy to shoot some pics so show you how i knit this way.

what else?!? oh! more yarn….


colinette jitterbug yarn in marble
destined to be mother-in-law socks (pattern tbd)
purchased from shuttles, needles & hooks in cary, nc
100% easycare merino wool | 100 g : 267 meters

i will not digress with a rant about web presence. (have i said that before?)…but i almost forgive this store because of it’s quirkyness. if you google this store, you’ll find mixed reviews. the best description i have for it is “a crazy yarn house”. there is yarn on the floor, on the shelves, on the walls, under the stairs. they have cotton, wool, novelty, alpaca (achoo!), baby yarn, bulky yarn, they have tons of sale yarn upstairs and giant looms, too. there was yarn everywhere…so much it looked like the house may explode. you name it, they probably had it! this is what i imagine what my house would look like if i had unlimited yarn funds…(sorry baby…i promise that i will be more organized, though). butter and rita immediately felt claustrophobic and overwhelmed… as usual, sock selection was sparse…but i foud some jitterbug, and the usual staples of regia, trekking and the like. the ladies were pleasant…i say you should go just to see it…if but only once. then go eat at the diner across the street. it was yummy.



great adirondack yarn company soxie in bahama mama
purchased from great yarns in raleigh, nc
100% merino superwash wool | 360 yards

great yarns was a much more….um….civilized yarn store. lots and lots of high end yarns. very accessible, very organized and very friendly staff. they had a nice selection of books and patterns as well. they had koigu and jitterbug in their sock yarn selection but the yarns were definitely picked over. (sigh). i was very pleased to find soxie, though. again. another first for me. the above pic doesn’t show much of the yellow…but it is gorgeous. a little loud…but what the hell, i was on vacation, right!? go to great yarns or their sister stores if you want a more ‘upscale’ yarn experience. oh, and don’t go dressed like a skater. they’ll be nice…but i felt out of place. i will definitely stop back on my next visit to see rita.

whew! ok. i’ll shut up now.

a vacation yarn…

12 03 2007

we’re back from vacation! (for yarn/knit stuff scroll down)

we try and get away from the dreary ohio weather about this time of year. butter (k) swears he has s.a.d., and sometimes i feel like i do too! i mean, come on, anyone who has experienced the ohio ‘winter’ months of gray skies would probably say the same. our cure was a trip to north carolina to visit our best friends in cary (near raleigh-durham). while the cold temperatures dipped into the 20’s here, we were enjoying blue skies and spring-like weather.

originally, we were going to start our drive on wednesday, butter’s birthday, but a twharted birthday surprise left me with the idea to leave one day earlier for skateboarding – especially for butter. he mapped out his skate stops (thanks to concrete disciples) and i searched for local yarn shops and found us a hotel in winston salem.

during the drive there i finished my first roza’s sock AND finished my first slipped stich sock with a 2×2 rib and tubular bindoff. whoot!


roza’s socks by grumperina (interweave knits spring 2007)
lorna’s laces shepherd’s sock douglas fir
started: february 27, 2007
needles: knitpicks size 0 dpn’s
notes: very snug fit on me with this needle size, first sock finished on 3/06/07


do you mind the tubular bindoff slanting to the left?
slipped stitch sock pattern by lynne
midnight fire from the sock club (jan)
started: february 2, 2007
notes: small size, toe-up (12 stitches) with short row heel; first sock finished 3/06/07

if you haven’t visited winston salem, go now!! the people were super nice and the city was so charming. we will plan to stay longer our next trip there. being smaller than columbus, i wasn’t sure what to expect of the lay of the land. we had no idea where to eat. (i tend to distrust the hotel concierge for some reason). instead, we turned to wheel of food. no, not the wheel with pat and vanna. it’s a wheel similar to the wheel of fortune wheel but with restaurants. you enter in a zip and spin away!! it’s not without it’s quirks (mcdonald’s and other food chains show up as choices)…but we hit the virtual food lottery! the west end cafe (a pub with great atmosphere and fantastic food) and mary’s, of course (a local hang-out with plenty of character and an imaginative menu) are two definite musts if you visit the city.

before we hit the skate park, on HIS birthday, butter drove me to two yarn shops. now that’s love.

we hit knit picky first.

knit picky is located in historic hanes town, a short drive from downtown winston salem. the store is an adorable renovated 1910 vintage house with a large sign in the front. as soon as we walked into the store, i was struck with how charming it was! displays of yarn and accessories quickly drew me in. almost immediately, we were greeted by store owner sammie jo thomas (hi sammie jo!). she was ever so helpful and so nice, too! although the store was small, i could picture myself spending a lot of time (and money yikes!) there. they had a nice selection of yarns ranging from standard cascade to noro to debbie bliss…oh, go visit and see for yourself! she also carried a few different types sock yarns by including trekking. there was a table in the back room for lessons and for knit-in’s as well as a large selection of pattern books. wireless internet access and a screened porch are also two amenities worth mentioning! we were introduced to another lady from near my old stomping grounds canton, ohio (i was so yarn shop-drunk i forgot your name, i’m sorry!)! we walked away with favorite socks, by interweave press, and an adorable lantern moon notepad with knit picky post-its! sammie jo, my whole experience at your shop has set the bar ever so high, i’m afraid that all of my future yarn shop experiences will be ruined by this! 😉 this stop was one the highlights of my vacation this year.


yeah! favorite socks and a lantern moon trinket
i really do think you MUST stop by knit picky if you’re in the winston salem area

we went to visit another yarn shop after that…but i’m afraid that all i can rave about is the fact that i was able to see colinette jitterbug in person! oh, and i took some home


colinette jitterbug yarn in jay
purchased from (the other winston salem lys that escapes me at the moment)
100% easycare merino wool | 100 g : 267 meters
thoughts: the color is beautiful, but the yardage is skimpy?!? thank god i have freakishly small feet!

i have more knitting news, including new socks started and more yarn!! but i’ll have to end this already long post…and put up pictures later.

(sigh) i wish i was still on vacation.