skewed green smoothie socks

25 01 2011

i’ve cast on for yet another sock project:

skewed green smoothie (rav link)
pattern: skew by lana holden in knitty winter ’09
ty-dy socks in green colorway
1 skein | 436 yds : 100 g | 80 superwash wool : 20 nylon
started: jan 2011
needles: US #1 (2.25 mm) knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: brilliant!

we’ve been blending up a storm at chez crankygrrrrrl. husband just bought a blender and has been mixing up some green smoothie goodness. that, coupled with an insane desire to knit something for me…and an itch to do something different, but not mind-bending…led me to cast on for this…wait for it….brilliant sock.

i bet all clown vomit yarn would like awesome in this pattern. and pending the completion of this pair of socks, i will be flagging this pattern for many of those yarns in my stash. that is not to say that the pattern isn’t worthy of pretty sock yarn, cuz i’ve seen some beauties….i’m just saying that this will work for the ‘difficult’ skeins.

that being said, this yarn isn’t producing dazzling color patterns…but i’m still loving the knitting and it produce a -tame- and handsome sock.

off to drink my dinner smoothie…in this one we used: spinach, kale, carrot, celery, cucumber, avocado, banana, blueberries, clementine, vega whole food health optimizer, apple juice and some water. sounds “eww” but really “yum”!




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30 05 2013

lovely blog and lovely colour yarn for green socks.

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