meet leif “aaron”-son

18 01 2011

you’ve heard of warrior dash.

yes of course i’m running it.

no, i’m not crazy.  no, really.  shut up.  NOT CRAZY.

we signed up for the run then, POOF!, twist collective winter 2010 came out. it was inevitable that i would  knit up mascots for us. jennie eveleigh lamond created leif & astrid, an adorable pattern for knitted viking dolls. look at that picture!  so cute!  (i can’t remember bloggy etiquette…am i allowed to save that picture and serve it up on my blog?)…

meet *my* creation (in the likeness of my husband…with a more yellow-peachy complexion and sans hair).



leif aaron-son (rav project link)

he comes complete with a smirk and badly stitched facial scar.  i love the shoe lace detail…and the cape…i mean cloak (hubby insists that he will NOT fly, so it must be a cloak, not a cape).

you also know not to mess with him because of his tell-tale tatoo



don’t mess with this bro-tha

[gotta forgive the picture editing…no photoshop on my computer and the online tools provided by adobe kinda suck…better to blog and regret than to never blog at all]




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