new wip – socks for my dh

3 01 2011


first 2011 wip – hp socks for dh
looks like more frequent blogging will commence at the expense of picture quality
…look for more “lap pictures”…i’ll try for better photo shoots later 🙂

my husband’s love for knitted socks has evolved over time.  at first he wasn’t too keen on the wild colors and wooly feel. but i slowly added hand knitted socks into his drawer (and he truly appreciated the time i put into my quest to keep HIS feet warm).

anyway, knitting production dropped drastically in 2009-10 and as a result, the wool socks in his rotation were starting to wear out.  i pulled a pair with a large hole at the toe and put them in my darning pile…imagine my surprise when he pulled his foot out of his shoe – wearing the offending sock!  when asked why he was wearing them, he sheepishly replied, “my feet were cold and i HAD to wear my knitted socks!”

suffice it to say, i’m amping up knitting production on his socks.  these are knitted in a special edition harry potter colorway in hedgewig of opal.  i’m leaning toward nylon blend yarn these days since the all merino sock yarns tend to wear rather quickly.  (don’t you think so too? in fact, i’m knitting in wooly nylon into toes and heels of that yarn since i’ve had so many sock fails…er…holes…recently).

knitting notes: cuff down, co72 using long tail cast on, k2p2 cuff, start cable pattern (my own)




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