watermelon clown vomit

21 12 2010


More socks are on the needles…and this time I have a picture! (forgive the lighting…my phone’s camera is a pretty poor excuse for a camera).  I realized that I am in dire need for new socks. Many of my old ones are showing signs of wear with bare spots, little holes, big holes, and felting. Yup, even the superwash socks are felting.

I normally machine wash but hang dry them…but even so…they are probably aging faster than they should. I think this may mean I will be gravitating toward german sock yarn with some sort of nylon in it.  The socks made of this type of yarn in my collection have fared best. Sigh. But I love merino superwash! Too bad I’m too lazy to hand wash!

The socks above were based on a stitch pattern I saw on Ravelry (but for the life of me can’t remember what it was from).  Here are the details:

Yarn:  from KnitPicks.com in Watermelon (aka clown vomit)
Needles: US1 dpns
Pattern: my own
Details: CO 72, k2p2 cuff, ribbed leg with single stitch cross over every 5 to 6 rows, slipped heel stitch, dec to 12 on toe, kitchener closed.
Notes: don’t you just hate the color pooling?




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