more progress.

16 02 2009

sometime last year i did a roundup of my unfinished sock projects. (yes, i realize that my last post introduced YET ANOTHER sock).

i counted seven at the time. of the seven (plus another i started later in the year) i finished one. ripped out and remade another. gave up on three not-so-exciting socks. two others are still waiting wips.

i have officially given up the claim that i only work on one project at a time. (including my other non-sock knitting…the grand total of wips is (drum rolllll)……14!  (high hat!)  crazy.  even crazier?  i couldn’t find anything to knit last night.  i ended up spreading out my stash over the living room floor, hoping to find inspiration.  instead, i found a lot of sock yarn.  much more than i thought i had.  so much for keeping an up to date inventory (is it okay that i blame lack of time and lack of decent camera?)

anyway, this morning for my “study break” knitting, i picked up a long forgotten project i started made of this:


cidermoon ‘flurry’ in jackie o
100% superwash merino | 440 yds: 110 g
note: purchased at kc ‘06

cidermoon is a now defunct business.  what a shame!  their colorways were fun and i really liked the base yarns they chose.  during their heydey i was attempting to be more conservative in my buying habits.  thus, i only have two colorways in their fingering weight yarn.  (sigh).  i should have snatched up a couple other ones.

for those interested, one of the owners opened up shop as tuscan grove fibers.  i’m not sure if it sells online, but i do know she sells through a lys, knitter’s mercantile.

anyway, i had the cuff and the ribbing to go….then i needed to fix the non-stretchy bind-off for the first sock.  it was my first and only attempt at a tubular bo for 2×2 ribbing.  i failed miserably.  i debated if i should i try again or just use a sewn bo a la elizabeth zimmerman.  given my enthusiasm might have waned quickly, i was going to just go for the EZ (pun intended!) way. ha!  i kill me sometimes.  how corny can you get? instead, i just did a loose standard bo cuz i was too lazy to find a yarn needle.

090202_jackie o socks

jackie o! lace socks
pattern: cross hatch lace from more sks (my rav link)
cidermoon flurry in jackie o
1 skein | 440 yds : 50 g | 100 merino wool
started: july 2007
finished: jan 27, 2009
needles: US #1 2.25mm knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: fig 8 cast on 12, increased to 60, loose traditional bo…and yes, i know, almost two years in the making!!

hooray! i already have 2 fo’s for 2009!! this is probably due more to procrastinating from studying than a propensity for being uber-productive. oh well. i’ll take it.

now…what’s next?




5 responses

16 02 2009

Congrats on your second pair of socks this year! 🙂

16 02 2009

Love the socks! Jacki, other half of Cider Moon, also dyes yarn and is selling through her Etsy shop, Gaslight Dyeworks. I think I saw Gail’s Tuscon Grove yarn on The Loopy Ewe as well.

16 02 2009

lovely socks! congrats on the finish. 🙂

19 02 2009
Valerie in San Diego

Hey, it’s one down! I cheat and don’t put my sock yarn in my Ravelry Stash so I can pretend I don’t have any. Hahaha. I have two giant plastic boxes full.

I love these socks… you’ll enjoy wearing them.

I have a dozen or more UFOs or WIPs too. I’m scared to count! The official Ravelry count is low because I won’t admit to some of the projects on there 😉

20 02 2009

Simpley Gorgeous! I’ve been purchasing my old Cider Moon yarn colors from Tuscan Grove. I can’t see any difference between the old yarn and the new yarn with the different name that I got. I was so happy I was able to still get some of the color that I needed to finish off my scarf.

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