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1 02 2009

i’m still lacking in the camera department.  (my old camera is a bit cumbersome since the manual focus requires at least 100 button pushes and some magic pixie dust to work).  to make matters worse, it uses compact flash for media and my new laptop does not have a built in reader AND i can’t find my card reader.  my mom’s point and shoot that we *cough* aquired this past weekend uses xd for media leading to the same above problem….so, i’m using our old point and shoot.  it works…but one wishes for something a little more flexible, ya know?  plus, the color it captures leaves much to be desired.  not a problem most of the time; alas, there is no photoshop installed on the laptop either.  soon, the technical difficulties will be fixed.  but in the meantime my photo essays will be a bit bland and uneven.

ANYWAY.  meet my new socks.  (hi socks!)…they have made a new friend today  😉

090123 knaughty or knice socks

“baaaaa!” “{insert sock greeting here}”

090123 knice socks

they made friends very quickly (but we know how nice wool socks can be, don’t we?

090123 knaughty socks

knaughty or knice socks
pattern: knotty or knice socks by chrissy gardner (my ravelry link)
from interweave knits, autumn ’08  in shibuiknits sock
2 skeins | 191 yds : 50 g | 100 merino superwash
started: december 9, 2008
finished: january 23, 2009
needles: US #1 2.25 mm knitpicks nickel plated circs
notes: the bind off is just meh…if i would do again i would do a tubular bind off.

in the end, the cables got a little fussy.  and i think i would go down another needle size if i were to use the same yarn.  i want the socks to wear well, but the soft yarn feels like it may just wear through rather quickly.  i may weave in some nylon if i get the energy.  all in all good looking socks….i like them.  🙂




4 responses

1 02 2009

beautiful socks! i love the sheepie. too cute! i’m so sorry to hear about your camera woes. what a pain!

2 02 2009

thanks. that little sheep got me through the lonely weekend. 🙂

and about the pictures….well….photoshop is installed….and i got a new card reader…so BACK IN BUSINESS!! ha!

2 02 2009

very pretty socks!

I am in pretty much the same boat with the camera! Right now the money is intended for a new laptop…then maybe a new camera…*sigh*

7 02 2009
wooley nylon « crankygrrrrrl

[…] applications that i have tried this particular color, i have been unhappy.  the first was with the knotty or knice socks.  i chose to attempt to weave it into the finished toe of one of the socks.  i found i hated this […]

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