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31 12 2008

wow!  it’s been a loooooooong time!  is anybody out there? well, i’m not pretending that i’ll be posting regularly…i’m in the throws of my master’s program.  only 6 more months to go!  take heart, though!  i have been knitting…

here is the last draft that i had in my queue:

(written on 30 april 2008)

i told you that I’ve been itching to knit some lace. so far my lace success stories only include fingering weight yarn (mostly socks…but there was the diamond shawl – which i totally love). this is mostly because I horde sock yarn.…er… the majority of my stash is fingering weight.

i do have some laceweight in the stash:

I had originally balled up the skacel for the another shawl….but 12 rows in the project imploded. Since then i’ve been trying t find a project to fit the yarn. No go. The project found another yarn. a few days ago I started the maltese shawl from VLT. LOVE IT. However, I have only 7 repeats knit…out of 88!!!

the pattern itself is not difficult, but it is patterned on both sides so one must pay attention at all times. i suspect that i move on it will become easier to read my work. there are only 6 rows in each repeat, so keep your fingers crossed that i don’t get bored!

so….8 months later, i’ve resurfaced. (ah!)  i’ve come to show you that project!  (in fact, i’ve counted 15 total projects for 2008.  some tiny…some big…and a lot of lace…but not so much with the pictures).


maltese wedding shawl
pattern: maltese shawl from vlt (ravelry link)
jaggerspun zephyr wool-silk 2/18 in charcoal
2 skeins | 630 yds : 2 oz | 50 wool : 50 silk
started: april 29, 2008
finished: june 14, 2008
needles: US #4 knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: a little long for me but i love it!

anyway, this lace project ended up being the shawl i wore for my wedding.  yup!  butter and i eloped!  if jj ever finishes up with the pictures…maybe i can post some.  (cough!!) anyway, please excuse the cheesiness….i was being silly and i was on a post-wedding high!

and as a last note…i miss my blogging buddies, you are often in my thoughts and yes, at times i do stalk you.  i hope the holidays have found you well and…





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31 12 2008


31 12 2008
JJ Smiley

Where’s my freakin’ comment? What the poop goes on around here? Don’t you people keep an eye on the door? I went to a lot of trouble to get sane you know! What’s their number? God, I think I shall never get over that line… Sigh. Nice to see you blogging again. And nice to know for once I was ahead of the game.

1 01 2009

it’s great to see you blogging again! congratulations to you and butter! the shawl is gorgeous. 🙂

i look forward to future posts, sporadic as they might be. happy new year!

4 01 2009
Valerie in San Diego

Sporadic posting is fine — I know how crazy life gets (and I have been through grad school). We always enjoy your posts, whenever they may appear!

Love that shawl, just breathtaking. Someday I will tackle real lace! (I’ve only knit lace with fingering weight yarn so far.)

happy new year!

4 01 2009
Valerie in San Diego

OH yeah and congrats on eloping! Rob and I did the same and have never regretted eloping 🙂

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