the one where i talk about earth day….late

29 04 2008

so you’ll notice that earth day was actually on 22 april 08 and not today. actually, it’s the day after earth day but you’re reading this a week or so later because i can schedule publishing of my posts. i’m making the effort to be more consistent. and instead of posting, say, every three days or every other day, i’ll write up a rash of posts so that there will be fresh content consistently.. at least that is the plan. (you see, i can only write when inspired and i can’t schedule to be inspired every other day…so says the drama queen slash ar-TIST).

anyway…green is the color of the moment. it’s spring!! how can you NOT want to see it everywhere? so fresh, so clean, so beautiful! it’s inspiring. it’s no wonder then, that i would want to make the effort to preserve this freshy-goodness. yes recycling folks. i’m not one to get up on a soapbox and lecture you about the virtues of consumerism. hell, i’m probably more guilty of it than most who will read this post. but a little effort on everyone’s part will make a difference. don’t think you’ll make a difference? try this attitude shift.

we quietly celebrated earth day by reaffirming our committment to the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle!! then i knit green. (um. mostly just green yarn…but get this….)


lamb’s pride yarn label – 100% recyclable!!

i’ve also started another project. admittedly, it’s the wrong time to knit it but i’ve been itching to start so i cast on. i’ve been sweating bullets with this monster on my lap:


oscar, the green monster
pattern: einstein coat by sally melville in the knit stitch
lamb’s pride bulky in old sage
9 skeins | 125 yds : 4 oz | 85 wool : 15 mohair
started: april 21, 2008
needles: US #10 knitpicks nickel plated options
notes: miles and miles of garter (dear lord when will it end!!)

oooo….and check out this green stuff


yummy by fibranatura
100% superwash merino | 130 g : 370 yds | 4 skeins
purchased at knitter’s mercantile, columbus, oh

the plan for this yarn is an oversize stole that will double as a blanket on car trips and plane rides where the AC is on overdrive. i can’t wait to knit it up…i just need to find a pattern soon.

go green!




3 responses

1 05 2008
cast bullets

[…] so later because i can schedule publishing of my posts. i??m making the effort to be more consiste crosses swords with Sean Bean in ‘Sharpe’s Peril’ Calcutta NewsIt seems 2008 is the year of […]

7 05 2008

Oh that label is so cool! Your Einstein coat will be totally rad too man. 😉

9 05 2008

OK, you’re back and I went AWOL. You must be excited, you used caps!!! I agree, we all need to do at the very least, a little. I love the shade of green on the monster! Niiiice.

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