31 10 2007

happy halloween!! ye’ere skeerd, weern’t cha? hehehe.

i’ve been away….but….i guess i’m not surprised. last year october was christened “frogtober” as my knitting mojo dried up with the leaves. i started the month with good intentions….you know, try to finish up some old wips and TRIED to motivate myself by denying myself the privilege of knitting up a new pathways sock. (sigh). but, bella fell to the frog pond, the horror!


bellatrix….rest in peace?

but, this year there will be no eulogy for bellatrix…she has been reincarnated (cue thunder)…(no, cue evil laugh….) MWAH-HAH-HA-HA!! meet bella reincarnated…. (more thunder)….(louder evil laugh)….(cue lady screaming)…


sheeeee’s baaaaaa-aaack: bella monkey!!

bella monkeys
pattern: monkey, by cookie a.
claudia handpainted yarn fingering weight in black walnut
2 skeins | 180 yds : 50 g | 100% merino wool
started: october 31, 2007
needles: 5 – #1 2.5mm susan’s rosewood dpns (gifted by gena – thanks gena!!!)

despite all best intentions, i caved. i couldn’t force myself to finish knitting the mates to my single socks. so i did what any determined knitter would do. i started another project. actually, i started two. but that one fell victim to my lack of focus (remember my crusty knitting mojo?…yeah, ol’crusty beat me again).

i love this yarn…so soft…and i love the colorway. i couldn’t leave it in the frog pile.  it was calling to me…(tani!!  tani!!! knit me!!  i want to live!!!).  and so i did.  (yes i realize i am listening to the voices in my head, so what?!?)  it’s worth it; i like monkey a lot and can see why people go ga-gah over it!   i think, though, i may go down a needle size for the foot. me likes me a nice cushy fabric.

how fitting that bella rises from the dead on halloween. MWAH-HAH-HA-HA!! (hey! i didn’t cue any evil laughing!!)




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31 10 2007

~snort~ You’re so funny. You’re also so clever with your new sock designs! It dawned on me while reading TRIED and realized TRIED and TIRED are so close, they may have something to do with all this mojo stuff! Happy Halloween!

16 02 2009
more progress. « crankygrrrrrl

[…] time. of the seven (plus another i started later in the year) i finished one. ripped out and remade another. gave up on three not-so-exciting socks. two others are still waiting […]

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