sss roundup…new pathways are calling…

3 10 2007

**edited to add: i’m warning you in advance…this is a long post…i had to catch up on posting somehow!!)**

…but old sock projects are bringing me down. so, i need to finish up something soon, no? after i clear out half of these, i think only then i’ll start a new pathways sock.


single sock syndrome….sucks!

from l to r: dimple in cth supersock (not blogged); jackie o lace in cidermoon flurry; roza in lorna’s laces shepherd sock; bellatrix in claudia merino fingering; world rib in knitpicks new essential (not blogged); green cable in knitpicks old essential (not blogged); and slipped stitch in sock club yarn.

at last count i now have about 7 socks that do not have a mate. how sad! (how the hell did that happen?!?) i now bring you the sock WIP update:

*deep breath*


cute, dimpled, but lonely

dimpled is a simple slipped stitch pattern that i knit up when i was sick. i couldn’t commit to something so boring as plain stockinette, but my addled brain didn’t work so good ;). so i browsed vogue’s stitch dictionary (vol. 1) and picked this out. i find it a little drab. consequently…(dum-DA-DUM!!!)…SSS!!


oh, jackie!…er….jackie o lace

pretty. but a little boring once i got the hang of the lace pattern. i probably would have finished the pair had i not made the mistake of binding off too tightly on the first sock. i used the 2×2 tubular bind-off. i’ve been successful in the past…but for some reason this one isn’t stretchy. bleh.


roza, a little uptight (heh-heh)

roza was another travel sock. i really liked the pattern (by grumperina). i can’t remember for sure, but i think i went down a needle size or something cuz the damn thing is SNUG. i frown on it and do not wish to knit the mate. i envision frogging and making something else?!? or do i have the patience to pull out the weaved ends?


too wild and loose for me, bye bella

bellatrix. this was my travel sock to vancouver. in the original pattern on size 0’s the foot stretched too much. so i altered it so that i could still knit up the rockin’ yarn i paired with the pattern. so much potential…so perfect the marriage of pattern and yarn. but yet, bellatrix would not cooperate. way too loose around the ankle. i declare this yarn is too nice and deserves better. it should serve good and not evil anyway…


butter says the colors look like a globe…hence “world rib” socks”

the rib on the sock really isn’t so wonky…just looks that way in the pic. i’m done with the toe on the second sock…i’m still on the fence about the yarn on this one.


after the gansey high, i was jones-ing for cables…

i wanted to use up some of my kp essential, too. this is the older stuff. the solid green makes for a nice neutral background for cable ‘pop’…but the yarn is so bleh and i dislike the seed stitch between cables. i know. i should have ripped back….but i thought it would grow on me. my plan is to finish the first sock and knit another cable pattern on the next sock. who says that i have to knit the same pattern anyway? (trying it on for the photo shoot, i’m having 2nd thoughts about this yarn/sock combo. i’m in the mood for some cables again…and the yarn, though not as fun to knit with, may make a sturdy, durable and wearable fabric…hmmmmm….)


slipped stitch slipped my mind.

slipped stitch? i love this sock. just haven’t gotten around to knitting the pair.

oh. so. sad.




6 responses

3 10 2007

love the slip stitch sock – my favorite of the bunch. the dimpled sock is cute too!!

3 10 2007

Man, that is a lot of singles……I feel so much better now about the 4 singles I have going………What’s the yarn in the slipped stitch sock?

4 10 2007

Have you tried 2 at a time to eliminate SSS? I too use to have this problem as once I played with the yarn in sock one I wasn’t interested in playing with it again, I wanted new yarn. Hence, I learned 2 on circs – now I love it!!! I really love the colors in the “World Rib” socks and that is exactly what they remind me of – globes – how totally awesome!!!

If you really don’t love whats already done and don’t think you will make #2 a year from now you could rip it out – wind – now having 2 balls and experiement with 2 at a time and a new pattern.

Good Luck!

6 10 2007

That’s a lotta socks! I like the knitting only one idea, seems to give more enjoyment and less SSS. They all look great!

3 12 2007

the slipped stitch sock is lovely- as someone new to socks the pattern looks quite straight foward but really effective.(I’m just finishing my first pair- knit in stages between the two) did you make it up yourself? Or else where did you find it? I’d love to try it!

16 02 2009
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