blocking photos!!!

19 09 2007

butter has fixed me up a new computer and now i can start posting again!! hooray!! (thank you, babe!)…unfortunately, i still need to install a bunch of programs, including photoshop.

in my blogging absense i have been knitting feverishly on my stole (much to the dismay of my little army of single socks). i will eventually catch up with the sock knitting (and pictures)…but in the meantime, here she is, my arctic diamond stole:




i’m loving the lace…and i can’t wait for post blocking photos. i’ll give a better “fo roundup” when i get more time!




10 responses

19 09 2007

gorgeous! i love the color.

19 09 2007

Wow! That is gorgeous girl!!!! Brava!

19 09 2007

Simply beautiful

19 09 2007

Looks beautiful!

19 09 2007
Valerie in San Diego

wow.. that’s stunning in the lovely pool-blue color. And what nice even work…

20 09 2007

wow – that is beautiful!!!!!!!

20 09 2007

gorgeous! Glad you got a computer back!

24 09 2007

Beautiful stole – love the color. I too am a sock knitter and use to have an alful time with single sock syndrome. By the time I finnished one sock I was tired of the yarn and didn’t want to play with it anymore. SOOOO I learned to do them 2 at a time an circulars – absolutely the best way to avoid SSS – you might want to think about it – K

25 09 2007

that is beautiful. I’m also enjoying lace. I’ve changed my “on deck” items to allow for another lace project!

27 09 2007
Lynne d

I love seeing your knitting –especially in person. nothing like being able to see and touch your beautiful work. your work sends out great vibrations.. I am so glad you like knitting lace. It can be very peaceful to knit…glad you are enjoying it.
Congratulations on your new computer!!! by the way one sock is ok you know
Istarted to wear one of one pattern/color with another…. it’s fun.

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