bellatrix socks [no pictures…computer is still broken :(]

1 09 2007

hello. may i introduce you to bellatrix? she is a crazy old broad and runs with the likes of lord volde- shhhhhh! lol…

[imagine a very blurry picture of bella on the plane…skybus! (not a bad flight…very similar to southwest’s service…just not as perky).]

being a hp fan, of course i would want to knit one of the hp themed socks that have been floating around the internet. i dove into my stash with the fawkes, bellatrix and nagini (all .pdf’s) patterns in mind. when my eyes fell upon this yarn, i knew it was going to be bella!!


claudia handpainted yarn fingering weight in black walnut
2 skeins | 180 yds : 50 g | 100% merino wool

while i was reading the books i envisioned her coloring as a mix between elvira mistress of the dark and cruella de vil . you know, goth, pale, and burgundy lips with a sneer that never goes away. there are even small streaks of gray that show up every now and again. i thought the yarn and pattern were a perfect match.

man, did the sock stretch out when i started to knit the foot (i did the pattern toe up so i could maximize yarn usage). so i went down a needle size….well, the sock was still too big…so i modified the pattern a bit. instead of the 1-2-3-2-1 yarn over pattern, i switched to 1-2-2-1. this resulted in less stretch and a better fit. the bubbles were not as uniform, but i thought it added more chaos to the baby bella’s overall look.

altered bellatrix pattern

the yarn striped neatly up the foot, but after i turned the heel, it started to pool. no matter, this was one pattern i thought looked nice with color pooling.

still more that one sock to be finished with this pair! ugh….new pathways…. 😦 i’m coming!!!




4 responses

5 09 2007

Beautiful yarn! I hope you can get your ‘puter fixed soon so I can pictures of the dark but lovely Bellatrix.

5 09 2007

almost makes me wish I were a sock knitter! 🙂 I picture her the same way you do, can’t wait to see the finished socks!

6 09 2007

I can’t wait to see actual pictures!

7 09 2007

Those are going to be nice! Wait til you see Cat’s book!

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