lace math and arctic stole progress

31 08 2007

just for the hell of it, i calculated my actual progress on my lace stole:

  • arctic diamond stole: 50,042 stitches
  • progress thus far: 21,484 stitches
  • percentage complete: 21,484 / 50,042 = 43%

holy sh*t that is a lot of stitches! no wonder i stick with socks. okay, now let’s compare…i took a pair from favorite socks (interweave press)…

  • cable rib socks (p.73): 24,560 stitches

this project is roughly only twice the number of stitches as a pair of socks, but it’s taking me so long!!! i need to progress because i won’t start a new pair of socks until i finish some of my WIPs.

computer is still broken. (sigh). butter has been kind enough to let me borrow his laptop. but alas, it does not have a CF card reader (at least i don’t think it has one). so, i am using my daughter’s camera/computer setup…


here is an unretouched photo of my stole on her very bright bed.

please excuse the mess, her room is my new second office until my computer gets fixed and/or i have time to file all of the stuff away (i’m working nights again). anyway, it doesn’t seem very long, does it? i may add an extra repeat if i have enough yarn. do you think it will be long enough after blocking? unstretched it’s about 17 inches long…




4 responses

31 08 2007

What kind of yarn are you using again? Did you swatch and do a wet block of the swatch? All these little things matter when it comes to determining how much your stole will grow once you block it. It looks gorgeous BTW. 🙂

31 08 2007

wow! no wonder I don’t knit lace!!! 😉

31 08 2007

Wow, it’s really nice! Remind me to never calculate how many stitches go into a project k? 😉

5 09 2007

wow! I don’t think I’ll ever calculate stitches, it might be depressing . it looks lovely so far.

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