knitting library: new pathways for sock knitters…

29 08 2007

we have returned from our whirlwind vacation of vancouver and seattle. and may i say, if you don’t go and visit for the beauty, culture or sights, you have to go for the food!

i was a bad blogger and did not take many pictures. but no matter, upon our return my computer decided to flash me to blue screen of death. luckily, i can use my daughter’s computer…but alas, no photoshop for editing photos. 😦 since that is the case, i’ll keep this short and post my koigu (!!!) and travel knitting pictures later.

but i won’t leave you empty handed, knit blogging-wise. have i told you that i bought new pathways for sock knitters by cat bordhi?

a fantastic book!!

many other bloggers have mentioned this book. i personally love the book. anything new for socks is exciting for me!! like her previous books, cat’s writing style is easy and conversational. however, some people may find her instruction somewhat confusing. stick with it, though, and you will have a new arsenal of sock knitting techniques at your disposal. containing a number of new recipes for sock construction, it’s worth buying just to examine the architectural innovations. (i’m also a shameless groupie. buy the book, cat rocks!). she also includes instructional videos via youtube for some of the techniques used in the book. the video quality could be better, but i’m still happy to see the value-added content.

i need to work on this technique. i get ‘perfect tension’ except for the last stitch…so i keep falling back on figure 8.

i even found a kal via ravelry! it is called the new pathways knitalong. i’ll be keeping an eye out for their projects.

have you seen the book yet? what do you think?




8 responses

29 08 2007

I haven’t seen the book, but have heard great reviews on it! I did see her demo one of the new styles on Knitty gritty a while back – it looks very interesting!

29 08 2007

Every time I open that book I’m just amazed! My LYSO is starting a sock club based on New Pathways because it is so wonderful.

29 08 2007

My friend showed me her copy last Friday — it is really cool and I love finding new methods of sock construction. I think I’ll probably be getting it. 🙂

29 08 2007

I’ve heard interesting reviews about Cat’s new book. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not to add it to my library. I do appreciate the video though! That was cool!

29 08 2007

yeah, the book, did you hear her make jungle bird noises in the video?!!! that was histerical……

29 08 2007

there was an article on the magic cast on in the last knitty, i think. it’s much less complicated than the video makes it look, if you just pick up the instructions and trust them. 😀

29 08 2007

I am loving the book, but keep having to put it down otherwise I will have too many socks on the needles!

30 08 2007

I got this book last week, and I couldn’t agree more. I love the way Cat thinks!
Definitely worth it!

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