have you seen this?

23 08 2007

i don’t know how to embed you tube videos….wait…lemme google it….

wow. (hits easy button). that was easy. butter sent this to me today. and i cried. what a baby!

happy feel good, don’t you think?

i mentioned in my last post that i have acquired some stash recently….and i’ve just gotten around to posting about it.

have you tried fearless fibers yet? i was browsing etsy one day and saw some to-die-for colorways. i pounced on two skeins of sock yarn….come on….are you surprised?!?! i’ve had a hankering for more subdued tonal colors because of a recent cable fetish. have you seen the august six sox pattern? (dear god!!). so present to you a generous 550 yards (yes 550!!!) of fearless fibers 100% merino superwash sock yarn:


fearless fibers sock yarn in brick house colorway
100% superwash merino wool | 4 oz : 550 yds
note: a little more orange in real life…


fearless fibers sock yarn in smoke colorway
100% superwash merino wool | 4 oz : 550 yds
note: more blue than i expected, but still very happy with it

i haven’t posted about the sock club recently, but that doesn’t mean i don’t have beautiful yarn from that too….the most recent is a 50/50 cashmere and alpaca (ack! allergies!?! lynne says that baby alpaca might not be too allergenic for me) blend that is gorgeous and soft. it is stored double bagged and hermetically sealed amongst the rest of my stash.


the sock club, july yarn
50% cashmere : 50% baby alpacal | 219 yds | 2 skeins

as you read this, i will be jetting to the west coast to vacation in seattle and vancouver!! it will be a short, whirlwind trip…do me a favor and cross your needles and wish for good yarn and knitting!




8 responses

23 08 2007

Fearless Fibers is my favorite sock yarn! (My knitting group is starting to believe I don’t knit with anything else.) I used Brick House to make Pomatomus, and I think they’re still my favorite socks. And my husband basically wants all of his socks from now on to be made out of FF.

23 08 2007

Fearless fibers is a great place. I routinely drool, I mean look there.

The video is awesome. Holy cow.

23 08 2007

Great yarn! Hope you have a great trip!

23 08 2007

Deb’s yarns are great – she has some of the best semi-solid colors around and the yardage can’t be beat!!!!! That new six socks pattern is just amazing. Must do it!

23 08 2007

whoohoo for stash enhancing you’ve got some great yarn there!

23 08 2007

what a video! i’m all weepy now. *so sweet!*

i adore fearless fibers yarn. i wish i could buy more of it. it looks like you got some really lovely colours. can’t wait to see what you do with it.

24 08 2007

I just love that video. Bet she does too 😉 Yum yarn! The only yarn I’ll buy (at least for now) will be for SWC! I. Must.Behave.

28 08 2007

ok, I forgot to comment this one but the video almost made me a bit weepy!

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