i love mustang gansey socks

3 08 2007

in another fit of startitis, i present to you, another sock:


i love mustang gansey socks
aug ’07 six sox knitalong pattern
in socks that rock lightweight mustang sally
needles: 2 – US 2 addi circ’s
mods: none

i’m not much of a joiner, but i was curious and so i caved and joined the yahoo group. am i ever glad!! the second i saw the pattern i dove into my stash and pulled this out. i’ve finished the 2nd of 3 repeats of the first cable. yum. love it.

speaking of yum. did you see anne’s new bee creation?

oh. dear. gawd.

i’m not much of a lace knitter but holy bee-jeeb-us. the black stingah is soooo up my alley. it’s being added to my ravelry queue (obviously, it’s not a complete list…the complete one would be embarrassing). knitting will commence when i finish my arctic stole. (which, by the way, needed to be ripped back….again!) oh wait, i failed to blog that i completely frogged the whole thing and started over, safety line be damned. i was soooo unsatisfied with the guage. pure stubbornness did not win over the (mostly non-) perfectionist. in all honesty, i f’d up the edging and decided that i deserved better….so i started over….but only to have to frog back to my safety line after the beginning edge.


more blogging next week…i was working nights this week…and next week i’m back on days!




6 responses

3 08 2007

That color is beautiful. The socks, like the yarn, are going to rock! 😉

4 08 2007

thanks for pointing the shawl out it’s truely stunning. The socks look great, staritis be damn! 🙂

4 08 2007

Oooo! Very nice! Sorry about the shawl, but hey better than being plagued by moving on and knowing it’s there! I’ll have to find you in Ravelry!

5 08 2007

Those socks are fantastic. I have the Bee Fields shawl in my queue too and I hope you don’t mind, but I added you as a friend on Ravelry.

As for the Arctic Stole, I was working on my MS3 yesterday and after hours of work, I managed to completely mess it up so I had to rip back to where I started Clue 5. Sooo frustrating.

6 08 2007

those are looking great – the semi-solid works really well with that pattern. I have been a member of that yahoo group for a while now, but keep forgetting to check for new patterns!

12 08 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Six Sox has great patterns (I pay no attention to the comments, just the patterns).. like stacey, I haven’t checked it in a while, and obviously need to. What a great pattern you chose for that color, too. Looking so thick and rich and yummy!

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