the safety line

25 07 2007

once upon a time there was a sock knitter who thought she could knit lace. as with most things in life, she threw herself into the yo’s and k2t’s with wild abandon. yarn and needles blurred together with the ferocity of a hungry lion. and when she happened upon a mistake, undeterred, our herione would read her knitting, fix the problem and knit on….

the sock knitter rarely picked up a project that wasn’t a quick knit or quick fix. heck, she never knit anything that she couldn’t take with her anywhere. why bother? she had seen the woes of other knitters who had to rip back hours of knitting to fix a glaring mistake. but how could it happen to HER?!?

still, the thought nagged at her, ate away at her confidence every time she had to tink back or pick up a missed yo. when she wasn’t knitting she lamented the “what if” of having to rip back. the scenario consumed her, even when she brushed her teeth she thought, “surely you can’t as esily fudge a mistake in knitted lace”….then…dental floss in hand, she struck the knitting jackpot – A SAFETY LINE.


floss saftey line
please excuse the pic, can’t get the color right!

of course!! and knit picks has these handy little holes for which to thread the floss. (didn’t she read that somewhere?).


cavity free knitting!

and the idea came none too soon. for today our heroine had to rip back 10 rows because of a glaring mistake.

but no matter. because the saftey line had saved the day. the end.




10 responses

25 07 2007

how neat! love the idea of lifelines (as a fellow sock knitter, if I ever start to do lace, I will be life-lining it for sure!) and that hole in the needles is just ideal!

25 07 2007

Life and sanity life for sure! I think of it as mental floss 😉

25 07 2007

I love those safety lines. When I did the lace shawl I had dozens of them because i was afraid to take the old ones out just in case I found an error lower that just HAD to be fixed.

25 07 2007

I’m always confused on how to do the lifeline. I may have to try it out some day.

25 07 2007

ooooh! I’ve been knitting lace without a safety line. I think I’m tempting fate! I have the KP options I’ll have to start using the holes!

27 07 2007

those lifelines do come in handy don’t they? whatever your knitting looks great so far!

28 07 2007

Cool! Another good tip to add to my growing list… thanks!

29 07 2007

How funny, I just put in my first ever lifeline and then read your post! I was having a duh moment about using the holes in the options, till I remembered I’m using addi’s on this project, whew!

12 08 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Floss is a great idea. I hate putting safety lines in, but I always end up needing them if I don’t… kind of like the problem with it only raining if I forget my umbrella. So it’s worthwhile insurance, and every once in a while, when I have to frog 10 rows, I bow down gratefully to the god of lifelines.

20 06 2012
Vanessa VanTrease

OMG! I use Knitpick needles…how did I NEVER know about threading the line through the holes??? What a simply clever idea…so stupidly simple..and now life will become so much easier!

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