why i will never tire of socks

20 07 2007

i feel like i should have washed out my mouth with soap when i said the sock siren’s call was waning. it sure hasn’t.

here is my short list why:

socks make me happy. period.

i bet they make you happy too. i mean, how can you not smile when you see these:


sweet georgia superwash sock in black orchid
100% merino wool | 50g:185 yds | 2 skeins


yarnlove scarlett o’ hara in tuscany
60% merino wool:30% bamboo:10% nylon | 4 oz:410 yds | 1 skein




10 responses

20 07 2007

so true! all valid reasons to love socks!!!!! love that black orchid…

20 07 2007

You summed the joy of socks perfectly! They are the perfect travel companions!

20 07 2007

That was fun … with some great eye candy and wonderful linkage … thanks!!

20 07 2007


20 07 2007

Mmmm, socks. Yummy.

20 07 2007

what a great post! it’s certainly revived my waning siren call to knit socks!

20 07 2007

You win the award for the most linkage in one post! You know I HAVE to go check them all out don’t you? I’m having internet connection issues, so I have til 9 to get going. Oh and btw, I have my 1st pair almost completed and I swear, I’ll never be without one on the needles again! Here’s another: Sock yarns come in soooo many fibers and colors!

20 07 2007

I got to view every link! heh I’m faster than the speed of a crashing web browser!

21 07 2007
sock princess

I couldn’t survive without several pairs of socks on the needles.

23 07 2007

Those yarns are delicious!!!

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