the waning call of the sock siren

18 07 2007

also entitled: i’m really not over socks a bit, i’m just a little distracted at the moment.

i’ve been working on a lot of non-sock knitting/crochet in the near past. ravelry tells me that i have 5 active projects on the needles. i also know it doesn’t tell me of at least 3 other projects i haven’t got around to posting about.

(btw, i’m loving ravelry. it’s one of those things where you bonk yourself in the head and say, “why didn’t i think of that?”. i’d say that it really brings everything together. i especially like the stash section. except that i would add functionality to be able to track partial skeins and calculate total yardage. i bet it will eventually….but i digress….where was i?….)

oh yes, non-socks…i think i told you about my former lace scarf didn’t i? well, i got bored rather quickly after i knitted the lace edging and proceeded to the garter stitch section (the MAIN section)….so i ripped it out. then my eyes spied the lovely arctic diamond stole in ik winter ’06.


arctic diamond stole from ik winter ’06
in cth supersock solid turquoise
started: july 2007
needles: kp options US 4
notes: too wide?!? color is off in picture

lace has appealed to me (like socks) in that often times a swatch is not necessary before diving into the project. i think that this was one of those cases where i might have investigated the blocking properties of the yarn before committing to the project. i cast on for the complete number of repeats….and after finishing the first vertical repeat, i am now painfully aware that the shawl is very wide and may therefore be too short with the amount of yarn that i have for the project, about 1200 yards of cth supersock solid in turquoise.

(will it end up a mini-blanket?!). i’m pressing on, though. i love it so far and i don’t have the heart to rip back. if necessary, i’ll buy more of the turquoise supersock; if it doesn’t match, i’ll overdye and pray to the dyeing gods…or….butter and i can share the stole-blanket and we will be cozy and happy!!




6 responses

18 07 2007

i hope you have enough yarn for the stole. it’s absolutely divine!

18 07 2007

that is beautiful – when i opened up your post I just saw the picture and thought it was a sock! right yarn, wrong project!

18 07 2007

That’s gorgeous! Love your new socks too, especially the bind off! Really nice!

18 07 2007

the lace looks beautiful. I hope it comes out the right size!

18 07 2007

OK, I LOVE your title 🙂 Are you from ‘up north’. I say cranky ALL the time, not just because I may be cranky, but because it’s my catch all word and better than cursing! Since I’ve moved south of the Mason-Dixon, people look at me quite odd when I say it.

And I’m totally with you on the not swatching!

20 07 2007
why i will never tire of socks « crankygrrrrrl

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