socks for me!!

10 07 2007

i started a pair for me!! i had wound this into a ball in case i finished my broad spiral rib socks on the fourth of july. i didn’t start them until the next day, since darkness fell quickly.

at first, my intention was to employ the new sock construction techniques that i learned in cat’s class from knitter’s connection. alas, i was too lazy to pull out my notes to start a pair. hm. now that i’m writing this i’m half tempted to rip ’em out. what do you think?


lace socks from more sensational knitted socks
cider moon flurry in jackie o
started: july 5, 2007
needles: 2, #1 addi turbo circs
notes: toe-up, increased to 60 stitches

compared to socks that rock, this yarn is more loosely spun and less “squishy”. it knits up to a very soft fabric that i’m looking forward to wearing on my feet! i think it is very similar to the yarntini yarn that i got a while back.

now the question is, do i start another pair for new sock construction, or do i rip back? i guess i’ll work on my blanket until i figure it out.

oooo!  fess up….who’s going to the harry potter premiere tonight!  i am.  can you say IMAX?!?




7 responses

10 07 2007

oooh – jealous!! hubby wants me to go to the premier with him, but i have to wake up at 5 for work…ugh….

those socks are great! i’d say keep going and start a new pair with the other construction….

10 07 2007

the sock is gorgeous! i wouldn’t rip them out. use your new techniques on the next pair.

have a great time at the movie. i’ll be staying home. le sigh.

11 07 2007

wow I love that color, I think they look great. What about starting a new pair to use the techniques you learned? Or do you want to use this yarn?

11 07 2007

Whether you rip or continue will be dictated by your inner knitter. You’ll know 🙂 I haven’t gotten on the HP train (I know!) But lots of my friends have seen the iMAX version and plan to continue to do so! Enjoy!

11 07 2007

Leave them alone! They are pretty. I’m with Bobbi, make your next pair with your new technique. Unless of course you’re too distracted by thinking about it and then rip away! Haven’t seen the new HP yet, but can’t wait! I think we’re all a little more interested in book 7, but will definitely find time for the movie.

11 07 2007

How did you like the movie? I’m hearing good things about and plan to see it soon. Then I can reread #6 before #7 arrives on my doorstep!

3 10 2007
sss roundup…new pathways are calling… « crankygrrrrrl

[…] l to r: dimple in cth supersock (not blogged); jackie o lace in cidermoon flurry; roza in lorna’s laces shepherd sock; bellatrix in claudia merino […]

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