the sweetest gift

8 07 2007

butter and i try very hard to show k (my step-daughter) how to be kind and thoughtful. it’s so easy to throw a gift certificate into a card and call it a day, you know. but that little something extra you bring into your daily life is guaranteed to bring warm fuzzies.

have i told you this story already? maybe not.

anyway, for mother’s day, k gave me a giant bag of yarn. six skeins of craft store yarn in blinding shades of red, orange and yellow. it was worsted weight. and yes, it was acrylic. yikes.

“wow! thank you k! it was so thoughtful of you to buy me some yarn!”. then she said the sweetest thing. “i remembered that you were obsessed (was i obsessed?!? cough. um. yeah.) with finding yarn for the flame socks you really wanted to make, so i asked pa-paw if he could take me to get some yarn for your socks. you said you wanted these colors, right?”…..they are the perfect colors.


fire blanket (baby size) in carron wintuk
yarn gifted by k
ripple pattern in single crochet
started: july ?, 2007

now, of course i wasn’t going to make acrylic worsted weight socks. but i’m definitely going to use the yarn and i’m definitely going to let her know how much i love the colors and DEFINITELY going to tell her over and over and over again how impressed i was with her thoughtful gift.

i have since bought some regia solid sock yarn to make the socks. (no pics yet.  oy! so very behind on ravelry pics and what not.)




8 responses

9 07 2007

beautiful blanket and a wonderful way to use the yarn that you step-daughter gave you. what a thoughtful girl!

9 07 2007

How thoughtful of you! The blanket and the colors look great.

9 07 2007

A very nice gift, I’ll bet as she gets older she’ll get more savvy about the yarn she buys. If you knit her something in nicer yarns the appreciation of quality may come sooner. My boys now totally reject acrylic.

9 07 2007

very smart…..great use for the yarn!!!!!

9 07 2007

The blanket looks great and the colors look perfect for what you want to do, even if not the appropriate yarn. What a sweet girl 🙂

9 07 2007

What a very loving and thoughtful gift that gave the two of you something to treasure. Her to you and you to her. All joking aside, this sort of thing really makes me weepy. x

9 07 2007

Aww, she sounds like such a sweet girl! Thanks for sharing that story… it really brightened my evening!

26 10 2007

It’s been awhile… how’s this blanket going? I can’t wait to see it finished (I remembered it when I saw it 75% on Ravelry!)

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