cider moon pic and new sock- broad spiral rib :)

26 06 2007

like many, i’m trying to pare down my spending on knitting-related paraphernalia. i have a ton of sock yarn….like over 9 miles of sock yarn, not including my newest stash enhancers….so, over 10 miles….must clean out the stash. i have stuff from years ago with which i’ve fallen out of love.

enter terri. she has agreed to take my extra stash, along with the clown vomit. thanks terri!! hooray!! (my guess is that i’ll be at the post office on friday, since i work on wed and thurs nights. i’m sending a packed box!! ps – tricia, i’ll be sending your prize at that time as well!) let’s see (furiously types into calculator…) that brings….(tap, tap) my total….(tap, tap, tap) to just over 9 miles. oh. oh well. i’m loving most everything in my stash now anyway!

like this:


cidermoon ‘flurry’ in jackie o
100% superwash merino | 440 yds: 110 g
note: purchased at kc ’06

i’ve always had a thing for black…and more recently pink….so this is a perfect colorway. the yarn is a light fingering weight and i will definitely be using #1’s on this bad girl. i need some inspiration for a pattern, though. sigh. i’ve never been one for planning pattern to yarn. i guess that’s why socks/sock yarn is good for me!!

speaking of socks. here’s what i’ve been working on. my sister (remember this?) as i expected, she felted the fingerless gloves i made her. she requested mittens for her birthday…but she also asked for socks….so i was inspired to make these:


broad spiral ribbing pattern from more sks
STR in peaseblossom (rockin’ sock club – july) by BMFA
4.25 oz / 360 yards ; 100% superwash merino
started: june 20, 2007
needles: 2, #1 addi turbo circs
notes: in a former life, the yarn was this; toe up, 60 stitches, short row heel, p2k4 ribbing


to give the cuff interest, i offset it with a purl row and added a pattern repeat in the center to echo the pattern in the leg.

the requirements were definitely superwash, simple pattern (the nieces instigate many momentary lapses of concentration), colorful and soft. str fit the bill. and though i am sad to see the yarn leave my stash. at least i can take comfort in the fact that my sister will follow care instructions (machine wash)….and not felt them! but i guarantee you that she will play tennis in the socks…and they will wear out within one year. next pair of socks will contain nylon. (not that i’m against nylon…i just prefer the 100% merino…so luxurious and soft!!)

i have one done and have 30% of the other done….so i hope to be finished with these soon!

oh!!…i almost forgot!! today, i am officially a flickr pro member. i was at the limit for the free account….so i finally took the plunge! hooray!




5 responses

26 06 2007

🙂 amazing what she wears to play tennis!!! that’s great you got someone to take some stash off your hands – that always makes me want to buy more!

27 06 2007
Valerie in San Diego

Sock stitches are looking good… and great photos as always…

27 06 2007

great pictures and beautiful yarn!

30 06 2007

Nice touch on bringing in some of the pattern. That is drool worthy yarn!

5 07 2007

I got your stash today! YAY! Love it.. thanks so, so much!

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